Setting a Homework Routine

Monthly To-Do List Angela Norton Tyler, author of Tutor Your Child to Reading Success explains that as with everything you do with children, setting a routine is important when it comes to homework. The whole point in establishing a solid routine is so that homework gets done with a minimum of stress and fuss. Homework should […]

10,005 Ways to Improve Your Health for Your Life

New Year’s Resolution for the Rest of Your Years 1. Buy a Pedometer: Buy a pedometer that measures steps, miles, calories, and aerobic steps. Some brands offer software for tracking results. 2. Short-Term Goal: Walk 10,000 steps a day. 3. Medium-Term Goal: Walk 10,000 aerobic steps a day. 4. Long-Term Goal: Walk 33,000 steps every day, one […]

Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude for the New Year

New Year’s To-Do List Daily I receive messages from nannies online asking me to post their questions on Facebook page in our column “Anonymous Nanny Asks for Advice.” The number of complaints shows me that no one loves every moment of their job. Despite feeling underappreciated and disrespected at times, I want to challenge nannies […]

In the New Year, Be the One…

You Can Be the One to Help a Child We like the first column of each month to focus on an easy-to-implement, yet important, issue to nannies, which we call our To-Do list. Due to the timeliness and seriousness of the Penn State scandal, we decided to discuss the topic of being mandated reporters as the most […]

September To-Do List for Nannies and Au Pairs

Avoid Slow Ears Syndrome Slow Ears Syndrome is what I call it when children talk to me and I hear the words, but not the underlying meaning of what they are trying to say. Slow Ears Syndrome is also when I speak to my charges and they don’t listen to me. Slow Ears Syndrome is when kids and […]

Do You Text or Visit Facebook at Work?

AUGUST TO-DO LIST Technology is Best When Invisible, But You are Best When Visible! Last week while at the pool a local nanny was texting while her three-year old charge was swimming in the baby pool. The boy then ran to the bathroom, then to the snack bar, without the nanny realizing he had left the […]

July To-Do List for Nannies and Au Pairs

You Make Your Own Luck! July 2011 is abbreviated as 7-11. Besides being known as the name and hours of a convenience store, 7-11 has long been considered lucky numbers. This superstition derives from the dice game Craps, where an initial throw of 7 or 11 is an instant winner. The harmless superstition of the […]

Nanny May To-Do List

Use Your Head, Not Your Heart Consider Before You Buy I keep finding nanny friends over-buying. They don’t have the same income as their employers, yet some seem to covet what the parents who hire them have. Buying what you do not need is never a good deal. Do not buy emotionally. You know the […]


Organize, Don’t Agonize Don’t Be Lax on Tax: If you feel stressed-out or panicked by the prospect of filing taxes, we suggest a list of lists to enable you to direct your energies properly. Do you get aggravated when it is time to file your tax forms? Do you struggle to gather the proper information? […]

March To-Do List

Bed Posture: Why You Probably Don’t Sleep Like a Baby Last month’s to-do list focused on proper posture when standing, walking, and sitting. Since we spend one-third of our lives in bed, this month we discuss proper posture in bed. The basic rules for bed posture are the same for adults, children, and infants: sleep […]