July To-Do List for Nannies and Au Pairs

You Make Your Own Luck!

July 2011 is abbreviated as 7-11. Besides being known as the name and hours of a convenience store, 7-11 has long been considered lucky numbers. This superstition derives from the dice game Craps, where an initial throw of 7 or 11 is an instant winner.

The harmless superstition of the luck of the numbers 7 and 11 contrasts sharply with the destructive mind-numbing fascination that some have with the tabloid trash nature of our society. Consider: Do you know who all the “K”s are in the Kardashian family? Do you actually appreciate the comments on TMZ? Are you an expert in all matters of celebrity crap?

None of this is bad in itself . But it is dreadful if preoccupation with such fluff prevents you from accomplishing things in your own life.

“Things” such as understanding and getting health insurance. “Things” such as setting up a retirement account. “Things” such as taking courses to improve your skills.

In other words, until some celebrity has concerns about you, you should have less concern about a celebrity and more concern about your own welfare.

Our To-Do for July is to make your own luck by acting on a plan to spend more time taking the actions necessary to improve your luck.

Can you name three American Idol judges and three justices of the Supreme Court? Who is Anthony Weiner? Who represents your district in Congress? Do you know what Oprah is worth? Do you know your net worth?


  1. Good points I have nanny friends that go on and on complaining about their jobs. Grows old. If it's that bad take control of your life and find a better job!

  2. Seriously, so true. I agree anonymous!

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