Painting with Unconventional Tools

Creative Wednesdays If regular painting has become a bore allow the kids to paint with feathers, Popsicle sticks, plastic spoons, twigs, cotton swabs, and toy cars and trucks instead of using paintbrushes. Just have the kids roll up their sleeves and wear a smock to stay clean and cover the work surface. Provide plenty of […]

Solar S’mores

Cooking with Kids Nothing says summer like s’mores. I can’t make campfires with the kids in their backyard. So, I used the power of the sun with the this kids to make their favorite summertime treat. Little did I know when making the s’mores that this past Wednesday was actually National S’mores Day as well. […]

Survey to Increase Nanny and Family Satisfaction

A doctorate student in child psychology working on her dissertation is working on developing a measure that will help to better match nannies and families, and increase satisfaction for both the nanny and the family. The survey is anonymous. People who complete the survey can chose to enter a phone number or email to enter a drawing for three visa […]

Kid-Friendly Chicken Burrito

Cooking for Children This isn’t exactly Mexican cuisine but a healthy recipe kids enjoy. I use a rotisserie chicken to make the burritos. A few of the kids I care for don’t like tomatoes, others don’t like avocados, some don’t like onions, so I serve salsa, guacamole, onions, and some other ingredients on the side […]

Sea Shell Painting

Creative Project Wednesday The kids I care for and I love to collect a few pretty sea shells to take home as souvenirs when we visit the beach. We have made photo frames, shells hair clips, and simple necklaces with shells. This week we painted the shells to look like animals and balls. For younger kids […]