What Advice Do You Have When Caring for a Child After the Death of a Family Pet?

Losing the Family Pet By H.J. Fracaro For many children their first experience with death is the loss of a pet. Although it is devastating for children of all ages, it does allow them to understand the process of death and grieving. They observe the deceased will not be coming back and find a way […]

What to Expect if There is a Death in Your Charge’s Life

Children and Grief By H.J. Fracaro Most children have an encounter with death, whether it’s the death of a pet, grandparent, friend, or parent. Children of different ages understand death to varying degrees and express their sadness in different ways. Babies and toddlers under age two cannot comprehend death but are upset by the change […]

Working Overtime Doubles Depression Risk

Do You Work More Than 40-Hours Per Week? A study released this week shows that working overtime doubles depression risk. Most nannies I know work more than 40-hours per week. And if you think the link between depression and work exists only in those who are unhappy with their jobs — think again. The study finds that […]

Silikids Siliskin Bottle Covers

Product Review Sunday We have compared and reviewed baby bottles on this blog. But we forgot to recommend Silikids Siliskins. If you use a glass baby bottle such as the Evenflo Classic Clear glass nurser simply slide on the custom silikids silicone sleeve. The innovative sleeve allows babies to grab hold and avoid slippage when feeding from […]

The Skinny on Bullying by Mike Cassidy

Weekly Trip to the Library By Elizabeth Kennedy, About.com Guide If you are looking for a kids’ book about bullying that provides a lot of information in an easy-to-digest format, I recommend The Skinny on Bullying. This 214-page book is subtitled The Legend of Gretchen and uses a comic book-style story to introduce key information […]

What Advice Would You Give a Child About Bullies?

There Are No Innocent Bystanders When Kids Are Being Bullied This whole week we discussed bullies because it is No Name-Calling Week. Nannies must teach children to help stop a bully. In a bullying situation, there are usually bystanders, but they aren’t exactly innocent. Bullying usually happens with other kids around. Having an audience is […]

Did You Ever Think Your Charge Might Be a Bully?

No Name-Calling Week FOR THE KIDS: Are you a bully and don’t know it? Maybe you know you’re a bully, but don’t know how to change your ways? Ask yourself these questions: 1. Does it make you feel better to hurt other people or take their things? 2. Are you bigger and stronger than other […]

Is Your Charge Being Bullied?

No Name-Calling Week Are school bullies bothering the children you care for?By Dianne Hadaway, The New York Times Company When children are bullied, physically or mentally, they may be fearful of talking about it. They don’t want to make the situation worse, or could be afraid no one will help or take it seriously. If […]

Teaching Your Charge to Stand Up to Bullies

No Name-Calling WeekWe can teach children that are being bullied to respect themselves by standing up to bullies. There is a lot of new information about dealing with bullies all over the Internet, journals, and textbooks. The current belief of many child psychologists, teachers, and guidance counselors today is to teach children to stand up […]

No Name-Calling Week: Has a Child in Your Care Been Bullied?

This week is No Name-Calling Week.  No Name-Calling Week is a week of educational activities aimed at ending name-calling of all kinds and providing schools with the tools and inspiration to launch an on-going dialogue about ways to eliminate bullying in their communitie based on the book The Misfits by James Howe. Each and every […]