How Kids Bully Their Nannies and Parents

“Permission to Parent: How to Raise Your Child with Love and Limits” I just read a great article that explained that it used to be that kids were scared of their parents. Now parents seem scared of their kids. That’s how I sometimes feel when it comes to disciplining the kids left in my care […]

Could a Child in Your Care Be a Bully?

3 Million Students are Absent Each Month Because They Feel Unsafe at School Here is the trailer of the documentary Bully. Be sure to visit the official Bully web site for tons of information on ending bullying. The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act designates the first full week in October of each year as a […]

What Advice Would You Give a Child About Bullies?

There Are No Innocent Bystanders When Kids Are Being Bullied This whole week we discussed bullies because it is No Name-Calling Week. Nannies must teach children to help stop a bully. In a bullying situation, there are usually bystanders, but they aren’t exactly innocent. Bullying usually happens with other kids around. Having an audience is […]

Half to 80% of Middle School and High School Students Have Been Sexually Harassed

Are Your Charges’ Use of Electronic Communication Being Monitored? Not all sexual harassment occurs in the school hallways. Survey shows that children feel sexually harassed by text, email, Facebook, or other electronic means as well.   Sexual harassment is part of everyday life in middle and high schools, affecting nearly half of all students, according to […]

Halloween, Kids, and Terror

October To-Do List: What Are Your Charges Afraid Of? The customs that evolved into Halloween originated as a festival marking the end of harvesting and as a way to placate evil ghosts and to ensure good crops for the coming year. When November 1 was celebrated as All Saints Day, October 31 became Halloween, which […]

Is it Teasing or Bullying?

Teasing vs. Bullying The Second Annual Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Summit, will be held on September 21-22, 2011. As a nanny you might be wondering if your charge is a bully or is being bullied. I know a lot of kids tease one another and I often wonder if some of the teasing hurts my charge’s […]

Has a Child You Cared For Been a Vicitm of Bullying? Review of "Oliver Button Is a Sissy"

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs In New Jersey (NJ) the law, known as the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, became effective this September. The Anti-Bullying Law is considered the toughest legislation against bullying in the nation. Each NJ school must designate an antibullying specialist to investigate complaints; each district must, in […]

Could Your Charge Be a Bully?

It is No Name-Calling Week Is your charge a bully, but you, the parents, and child don’t know it? There are many reasons to kick the bully habit. Many bullies grow up into adults who bully their families, friends, and co-workers, causing all sorts of problems with relationships and careers. To help determine if a […]

The ABC’s of Helping Children with Social Conflicts by Ann Rasmussen, PsyD

Each social conflict a child brings home offers an opportunity for you to serve as a child’s own loving guide, wisely listening, reflecting, and questioning. We hold up a mirror to reveal features that children can’t see within themselves which obstruct their own path, converting adversity into a deepening opportunity, and coaxing the best out […]

Are Nannies and Au Pairs Being Bullied?

We have been discussing kids that are bullied. But what about nannies that feel bullied by their employers? Photo from ABC television series What Would You Do? In February, 2009 ABC’s “What Would You Do?” television series asked what you would do if you saw a nanny being mistreated. Would you speak up or look […]