Are Nannies Like a Third Parent?

It’s Hard Enough for Two Parents to Raise a Child, But Adding a Nanny Makes it More Complicated It would be impossible for any two parents to agree 100 percent of the time on how to raise a child. But, it gets even more complicated when you throw another person (a nanny) into the mix. […]

Higher Education Commands Higher Nanny Wages

Nanny Training By Anne Merchant, Author The Child Care Textbook  Further education is a win-win scenario for childcare providers, parents, and children. Research confirms what we all intuitively understand: that superior training and education results in nannies that provide superior childcare. It is estimated that in 12 million households both parents work full-time. This fact […]

Wall St Journal: The Latest Status Symbol? Nanny-Management Degrees

The Wall Street Journal posted the following article on their blog: Employing a full-time babysitter or nanny is in itself something of a high-end child-care option. But every high-end option has a high-high-end option—or several—and the in-home care of children is no exception. My Journal colleague Robert Frank, of the Wealth Report blog, wrote on […]

The Jealous Parent

The Nanny or Au Pair and Parent RelationshipThe relationship between a parent and nanny (or au pair) is just as important as the relationship between the caregiver and the child. Although caring for children is a nanny’s top priority, if the caregiver cannot communicate effectively with the parents, or help raise the children as the […]

Keeping Motivated During Down-Time

When the third grader is at school full-time and the toddler is napping it can be hard to be motivated to do another load of laundry when your favorite soap opera is on the flat screen and some leftover birthday cake is waiting to be tasted in the fridge. Most nannies and au pairs have […]

Nanny Websites Allowing Parents to Offer Less than Minimum Wage

Why do nanny websites allow parents to post jobs offering less than minimum wage? “Nannies are on their own when interviewing with families found on nanny websites. They must not accept jobs offering salaries lower than the minimum wage.” De-Shaun Silas, a nanny from Memphis, TN brought to our attention that some nanny websites allow […]

Are Nannies and Au Pairs Being Bullied?

We have been discussing kids that are bullied. But what about nannies that feel bullied by their employers? Photo from ABC television series What Would You Do? In February, 2009 ABC’s “What Would You Do?” television series asked what you would do if you saw a nanny being mistreated. Would you speak up or look […]

Don’t Gossip About Your Boss

Nanny Do’s and Dont’s of Speaking with Parents In July we started the discussion of teaching children to respect themselves and others. Click here to see the first post on the topic. When discussing respect we must also consider how nannies respect children and parents. We already talked about Ariel T., a nanny that admitted […]

Nanny Jobs Requiring College Degrees

Yesterday posted this under “Moms & Dads Parents Share Their Stories & Advice.” We would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Here is the post: Nanny positions requiring college degreesIt’s tough out there for job hunters. It’s getting even harder for those looking for nanny work. I’ve noticed more and more job […]

Six-Figure Nannies

Top JobsForbes.comMaurna Desmond Good help for the children is hard to find. The best costs a fortune. Don’t call Autumn Backman a nanny. A lean, high-energy brunette, she speaks French, a bit of German, graduated magna cum laude from a respectable East Coast university and has lived in Vienna and Monte Carlo. “I’m more of […]