The Process of Creating is More Important Than the End Result

Separate Paint in Egg Cartons Children and Art Excerpt from The Child Care Textbook by Anne Merchant Geissler Nannies must keep in mind one principle when planning activities for children. Regardless  of the activity, the process of creating is more important than the end result. When children are allowed to be creative they learn to […]

Importance of Random Acts of Kindness in the Nanny/Parent Relationship

How Have You Helped the Parents Out When Not Expected? Anne Merchant Geissler, author of The Child Care Textbook explains that random acts of kindness in a nanny and parent relationship are essential in maintaining a great working relationship. Yesterday on Facebook we asked nannies what random acts of kindness their employers have shown to them. […]

Should Live-In Nannies Have Curfews?

Do You Have a Curfew? Live-in household employees should never stay out too late on week nights. Responsible nannies arrive home at a reasonable hour. When nannies stay out until one or two o’clock in the morning, parents worry about the quality of care provided for their children. Without proper rest child care providers tend […]

Did You Ever Complain to Your Boss?

How to Bring Up a Complaint to Your Boss Whenever you have an issue with your boss you must communicate directly to your employer to resolve the issue. Gossiping to your friends won’t help you deal with the issue directly. According to Anne Merchant Geissler author of The Child Care Textbook, one of the most […]

When Your Boss Criticizes Your Work

Coping with a Micro-Managing, Nit-Picky, or Critical Boss No one wants to be criticized. When you try your best at a job and try to keep a good attitude it’s really hard to remain motivated if you are consistently criticized. If you have a boss that micro-manages your work or nit-picks, remember that their criticisms […]

When Problems Arise Keep a Non-judgmental Attitude

By Anne Merchant Geissler, Author of The Child Care Textbook We have been discussing respect. To be respectful of your employers you must try not to judge the parents. The ability to be non-judgmental is a necessary factor in maintaining an open line of communication. An empathetic professional acknowledges and accepts the feelings and emotions […]

Reduce Stress — Don’t Overreact

To Respect Parents, Nannies Must Reduce Stress and Not Overreact On Sunday, we began discussing nannies that gossip about their employers. It is not respectful to gossip about others. Another common obstacle for nannies when they need to communicate with their employer’s in a respectful manner is the tendency of some caregivers to overreact. Anne […]

Don’t Gossip About Your Boss

Nanny Do’s and Dont’s of Speaking with Parents In July we started the discussion of teaching children to respect themselves and others. Click here to see the first post on the topic. When discussing respect we must also consider how nannies respect children and parents. We already talked about Ariel T., a nanny that admitted […]

Speaking to Children with Respect

Non-empathetic responses that contribute to feelings of low self-worth in children. Last week we began discussing teaching children to respect themselves and others. Monday we started discussing how children react to being yelled at or criticized. Yesterday, Anne Merchant Geissler, nanny educator and the author of The Child Care Textbook and The Nanny Textbook, explained […]

The Verbal Environment

Making or Breaking a Child’s Self-Esteem Yesterday we began discussing Maria F., a nanny who is disturbed when she sees nannies yelling at children. To continue the discussion, Anne Merchant Geissler, nanny educatior and the author of The Child Care Textbook and The Nanny Textbook, explains how the verbal environment makes or breaks a child’s […]