Reduce Stress by Not Overreacting

Nannies Help Reduce Parental and Child Stress When adults are stressed-out, the kids in their care get stressed-out. Raising a family is stressful. When nannies help parents, they help reduce both their employer’s and their charges’ stress levels. Stress in children can be detrimental to a child’s health and development. The body reacts to stressful […]

The Dos of Communicating with Parents

Talking with Your Employers By Anne Merchant Geissler, The Child Care Textbook Before talking with your employers, set an agenda. Decide on the topic for discussion and  agree on how much time will be allotted with the understanding that there may be future meetings. Keep focused on the current issues and keep track of time. […]

The Process of Creating is More Important Than the End Result

Separate Paint in Egg Cartons Children and Art Excerpt from The Child Care Textbook by Anne Merchant Geissler Nannies must keep in mind one principle when planning activities for children. Regardless  of the activity, the process of creating is more important than the end result. When children are allowed to be creative they learn to […]