Do What You Love, and the Money Will Follow

It’s a Blessing to Love One’s Job I recently received a sad, yet common message from a nanny via our Facebook page. Like so many other nannies, she loves working as a nanny but feels criticized and judged by her family and friends for her career choice. It can often feel like people view nannies […]

Toys and Games for Passover

Products Nannies Love If you are invited to join in a Passover seder with the family you work for consider bringing some of our favorite toys and games for children to play with to learn about Passover. Remember, children learn through play! Here are some children books about Passover to help the children prepare for […]

Former Nanny Debuts Book

Nanny and Me by Florence Ann Romano Nanny and Me is a children’s book based on author Florence Ann Romano’s own experiences working as a nanny with families. She started working with children when she was just 12-years-old, and now she’s sharing those cherished memories in her debut book for children making the transition from being cared for […]

Easy Orange Pork

Cooking for Kids The family I work for had extra oranges this week so I used them to make this quick and easy dinner recipe. The orange juice I squeezed from the fresh oranges tasted out of this world. I changed this super delicious Orange Pork recipe from allrecipes by just adding several tablespoons of […]

Teaching Kids Opposites

Creative Wednesdays Teach children opposites to help them understand that not everything is the same. Go to the library and borrow the children’s books about opposites, sing the opposite songs, and play the opposite games for preschoolers we have listed below. Once they have a grasp on the concept of opposites, help kids make an opposite […]

Gripe Water for Colicky Babies

Products Nannies Love If you ever have cared for a colicky baby you will know why I love gripe water so much. Gripe water is an herbal remedy for teething pain and colic, gastrointestinal issues, or other stomach ailments. It was first used by English nannies in the 1850s and quickly made its way to […]

Fettuccine with Peas and Ham

Cooking for Kids Recipe By Emeril Lagasse If you want longevity and to keep your nanny job after the kids start school, I have found cooking dinner for the family as a helpful skill to have. Preparing hot, fresh dinners gives the parents time to bond with their kids after arriving home from a long […]

Stop Power Struggles with Kids

Using Natural Consequences When kids don’t wear their coat, they get cold. When children refuse to eat, they become hungry. When they don’t use an umbrella in the rain, they get wet. The concept of using natural consequences to teach children, rather than punishing them, is allowing things to happen naturally, without adult interference. In […]

Saint Patrick’s Day Fun for Nannies

Creative Projects and Recipes to Share with Kids Today is Saint Patrick’s Day. Start the day with the kids by serving them some shamrock-shaped pancakes and green milk, make lunch with rainbow toast or Irish Soda Bread, serve corned beef and cabbage for dinner, and share Irish Potatoes (a candy) for dessert. Don’t forget to have the little ones follow a […]

Cradle Cap Brushes and Remedies

Cradle cap is essentially dandruff on baby scalps. Scaly patches of skin show up on the scalp. It’s not dangerous or uncomfortable for a baby, just unsightly for adults. Our instinct may be to pick at the flakes of skin but doctors recommend leaving it alone because picking at the flakes can cause infection. Cradle […]