Do What You Love, and the Money Will Follow

It’s a Blessing to Love One’s Job

I recently received a sad, yet common message from a nanny via our Facebook page. Like so many other nannies, she loves working as a nanny but feels criticized and judged by her family and friends for her career choice. It can often feel like people view nannies of lesser value to those in other occupations. Regardless of education and experience, the uninformed public often sees most nannies as “just babysitters.”

But, I want to urge all hard-working nannies to take great pride in being the most important person the parents will ever hire. Don’t listen to naysayers who don’t understand the work that nannies do. Working as a professional nanny can be a legitimate, rewarding, and lucrative career choice.

There is no greater honor than being given the trust and responsibility of caring for someone else’s children. Nannies not only make it possible for parents to work and enhance their financial security and career, they are given the incredible responsibility of helping raise and mold the characters of the children of hard-working parents.

I coudn’t imagine criticizing anyone simply because of the work they choose to do — whether they work as a server, housekeeper, teacher, accountant, chef, attorney, or any other job. It’s insensitive and rude for anyone to question another honest person’s career choice.

It is a blessing to love one’s job. Not many people can say they truly love their jobs. When someone can say they love what they do, by all means they should keep doing it. I urge nannies not to focus on judgment or criticisms of others who don’t work in the same field. Instead, nannies should find job satisfaction from within, from the parents they work for, and children left in their care.


  1. Ivonne Q. says:

    Great supportive article! I am proud of my nanny profession!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! So important for nannies to hear how we should value our careers.

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