Quick, Kid-Friendly Quesadillas

Easy Mexican Snack or Meal Kids love quesadillas. Here is how to make simple cheese quesadillas. It is vital to heat the tortillas in a pan on the stove, rather than in the microwave. Start with just three basic ingredients but be sure to add any other ingredients the kids in your care love including chicken, steak, and vegetables to add nutrition. You Will […]

Do Caregivers That are Parents Make Better Nannies?

The Controversy: Who Makes a Better Nanny? A parent contacted me this week asking for advice about making a hiring decision between two qualified nanny candidates. It’s a controversial problem that has plagued some of my nanny friends in their attempts to find nanny jobs in the past. The parent looking to hire a nanny […]

How to Make Silly Putty

Creative Projects Recipe By James Clinard for About.com, Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg One of my charges loves doing science experiments at home and asked if we would make Silly Putty last week. Since Whitney is still on her honeymoon I decided to share this project with our readers today. Whenever making arts and crafts or science experiments […]

Can Babies Overeat?

Study Shows How Babies Learn to Overeat I was always taught that infants cannot overeat or be too fat. But, researchers at  Brigham Young University found that a strong predictor of later weight problems are kids who are clinically obese at age two. The habits the obese two-year-olds shared included being put to bed with […]

Marie Veronique Organics Rated One of the Safest and Best Sunscreen Lines

Environmental Working Group’s 2013 Sunscreen Guide This summer marks the first sunscreen season governed by rules put into effect last December by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These regulations demand truth in sunscreen marketing and, for the first time, require that claims of water resistance and broad spectrum sun protection be validated. Despite […]

Have the Kids in Your Care Lost a Loved One?

photo from hospice 4 Children’s Books About Death This is a long weekend in America. Monday is a national holiday, Memorial Day, when we have parades and services honoring the soldiers that have lost their lives protecting our country. But, Americans also remember those they have lost personally who weren’t in the military as well. […]

Have the Parents Signed an Authorization to Treat a Minor Consent Form?

Being Prepared for an Emergency Make sure the parents you work for have signed an Authorization to Treat a Minor Consent Form which provides you written permission allowing the you to seek treatment, to authorize treatment, and to discuss treatment with health care providers. You will need a signature from a notary public to make […]

Can Nannies that Break the Law Expect to Be Protected by Labor Laws?

Nannies That Don’t Pay Taxes Won’t Likely Benefit From Domestic Workers Bill of Rights In 2010 New York passed the first Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and since then more states have Domestic Workers Bills pending. There have been very passionate debates on social media about the proposed legislation and I have written dozens of […]

Reflecting Rainbows: A Mirror Can Create a Magical Rainbow

Wednesday Projects  By Stephanie Felzenberg, Nanny and Editor of Be the Best Nanny Blog Creating rainbows and dancing them around the room is both magical and scientific. With adult supervision, children can create a rainbow with a small mirror and a clear glass of water. We found this fun science project in 365 Ways to a Smarter […]

Nannies Don’t Want to Work for Cheap Parents

Nanny Confessions By Stephanie Felzenberg Nanny, Editor How to Be the Best Nanny Everyone is on a budget, or at least should be. Although there is often a stereotype that parents that hire nannies are wealthy, some parents that hire nannies to care for their children are struggling to make ends meet. But, nanny employers should […]