Covid-19 Addendum for Nanny Contracts

Protect Your Income During the Pandemic Coronavirus is stressful for everyone, including nannies and their employers. I have nanny and au pair friends in conflict with the parents that employ them about social distancing. Disagreements about coronavirus safety measures have caused some caregiver friends to quit long-term jobs they previously loved. I have also heard […]

Do You Care for a Teen? Using Justin Bieber as a Teachable Moment

Parent-Teen Driving Contract Kids are Less Likely to Drink if They Believe Their Parents and Communities disapprove of Underage Drinking I prefer to stay at my nanny jobs long-term and have cared for teens in the past and my oldest charge is currently a teenager. One of the biggest challenges caring for teens is worrying […]

Nanny Daily Log Sheets

Click here to print out Infant Daily Log Professional Nannies Log Their Day for the Parents Anne M. Geissler of The Child Care Textbook  explains that each day upon the parent’s return, nannies inform the parents on how the children ate, slept, and what they did during the day. After an evening out, babysitters who are […]

Nanny and Child Homework Contract

Essential Nanny Paperwork The National Academy of Sciences (NAS)  shows that the defining factor in having academically successful children of parents that work outside the home is the household help that they hire. The NAS studies show that families that hire great childcare providers are in a stronger position to have children that are successful […]

Get Ready for School Checklist

Wednesdays With Whitney:  Helping Kids Do for Themselves   Children need to learn to take care of themselves. Talk to the child about personal cleanliness and why it is important. Together make a list of what needs to be done to clean themselves and get ready for school in the morning. Each morning they should […]

Save Time Taking Inventory: Making a Grocery List

It is typically a nanny’s responsibility to help keep an ongoing inventory list of all the food and hygiene items her employer’s family needs. The trick is to save time by having the list in the order you normally shop in at your favorite store. Bring a pen and a notepad with you to the […]

Have the Parents Signed an Authorization to Treat a Minor Consent Form?

Being Prepared for an Emergency Make sure the parents you work for have signed an Authorization to Treat a Minor Consent Form which provides you written permission allowing the you to seek treatment, to authorize treatment, and to discuss treatment with health care providers. You will need a signature from a notary public to make […]