Have You Tried BranchOut on Facebook to Find a Nanny Job Yet?

How to Use Facebook to Find a Nanny Job We all know that the more exposure the better when searching for a nanny job, but when using the Internet or social media to find jobs there are many safety concerns.  Last week we posted an article about the top 10 things to avoid on your […]

Nannies Love LED Faucet Lights

Product Nannies Love for Product Review Sunday The old lather-and-rinse routine just got safer, easier, and more fun, with the Handy Trends Nozzle Light – Temperature Controlled Faucet Light from Hog Wild. This fun LED light system, attaches to most faucet fixtures (it comes with two adaptors) shines a bright light through the water when the faucet […]

Social Media, Facebook, and Kids

The Parent’s Guide to Texting, Facebook, and Social Media: Understanding the Benefits and Dangers of Parenting in a Digital World by Shawn Marie Edgington Yesterday on our Facebook page we asked if job seekers should allow parents to see their Facebook profile on nanny web sites and we posted an article listing 10 things to never include in your […]

10 Things that Aren’t Appropriate for a Nanny Profile

By NannyJobs.org When using nanny websites or job listing websites there is some information you should never share online. A good nanny profile should include all of the basic information, such as work experience, employment history, education, and contact information. You can also add in other data such as hobbies, certifications, or references; but there […]

Caring for Kids With ADHD

What Nannies and Au Pairs Can Do To Help Children with ADHD at Home  Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition in which children have extreme difficulty focusing, paying attention, and controlling their behavior. It is the job of the nanny and au pair to follow and support the treatment plans determined by the the parents and […]

A Little Humility Goes a Long Way for Nannies and Parenting Coaches

Never make a parent feel like you know how to raise their kids better than they do! Last week I overheard a mother complaining to another parent about her nanny. The mother asked, “Does it sometimes feel like the nanny thinks she knows how to raise your kids better than you do?” When helping to […]

Common Behaviors Seen With Child Autism

Have You Cared for a Child with Autism? Child autism is a brain disorder that often results in a lifetime of impaired thinking, feeling, and social functioning — our most uniquely human attributes. Typically, autism affects a child’s ability to communicate, form relationships with others, and respond appropriately to the external world. The disorder becomes apparent […]

Do You Think Organic Produce Tastes Better?

Eat Organic for Earth Day I believe fresh organically grown foods taste better. Think about the tomato sprayed with Windex that Jacqueline Astete described last week and you will understand that foods not covered in synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and waxes wouldn’t taste as good as organic foods. Since organic food is grown in well-balanced soil and with a […]

Planting an Avocado Seed with Kids

To sprout an avocado seed, remove the large seed from the center of the fruit and wash it in water. The broad end of the seed is considered to be the bottom and thee pointed end is the top. Insert several toothpicks into the sides of the seed. They should be placed about halfway up […]

365 Ways to Live Green for Kids by Sheri Amsel

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies This week when I visited the library I found tons of great children’s books about Earth Day. Reading children’s books to kids helps reinforce concepts you would like to teach them. But I chose today’s book 365 Ways to Live Green for Kids: Saving the Environment at Home, […]