A Little Humility Goes a Long Way for Nannies and Parenting Coaches

Never make a parent feel like you know how to raise their kids better than they do! Last week I overheard a mother complaining to another parent about her nanny. The mother asked, “Does it sometimes feel like the nanny thinks she knows how to raise your kids better than you do?” When helping to […]

Does Hiring a Nanny Mean an Absent, Non-Responsive Parent Isn’t Neglectful?

Working for Neglectful Parents This week we discussed working for parents of different parenting styles as defined by child development researcher Diana Baumrind. A reader of Best Nanny Newsletter who works as a nanny for a single mother who has asked to remain anonymous emailed us for some advice. Her email reads, “Although the mother pays […]

Have You Ever Worked with Permissive, Indulgent Parents?

Indulgent and Permissive Parenting Style On our Facebook Page nannies admitted that working for permissive parents is harder than working for strict parents. Many people speculate that parents who themselves had a very strict upbringing, with their parents following the authoritative parenting style, want to make things easier for their kids so they practice the […]

How Nannies Should Bring Up Problems With Their Employers

Are Rules Sometimes Meant to Be Broken? Authoritative Parenting This week we are discussing working with parents of the four parenting styles defined by child development researcher Diana Baumrind. If you hear the parents (or yourself) often saying, “Because I said so” it’s likely they are (or you are) using an authoritative parenting style.  Adults […]

Do You Think it is Harder to Work for a Very Strict Parent or a Permissive Parent?

What Parenting Style Do Your Employers Use? Parenting styles have a profound effect on a child. A parents child-rearing style is one of the major influences on a child’s future well-being. The parent’s style of managing their kids affects their academic achievement, self-confidence, aggression, psychological strength, and capacity to cope with real-life challenges. Child development researcher Diana […]