Nanny Agency Loyalty

What Does it Take for Nannies to Be Loyal to a Nanny Placement Agency? By Ginger Swift, President of ABC Nannies and Domestics, Denver Colorado When I think of loyalty, I think of friends that hang with you no matter what. Of course, loyalty can be lost if you do something awful to harm the […]

How the Queen Cleans Everything By Linda Cobb

Weekly Trip to the Library Book Review By Maria Lopez, Nanny, Miami, Florida Although in the past few days many nannies have expressed how much they hate cleaning the houses they work in (see their answers on this blog), I have yet to meet a nanny that doesn’t help with children’s laundry and cleaning up […]

What Chores are the Children Responsible For?

Housekeeping Survey for Nannies and Au Pairs Below are some responses from nannies and au pairs from our monthly poll when asked “What chores are the children responsible for?” at Debra Mathwig, a nanny from Plymouth, Wisconsin wrote, “I have the children help with everything. It makes them feel good to help me out.” […]

What Housekeeping are Nannies Willing to Do?

Nanny & Au Pair Housekeeping Survey Results Below are more survey results from a Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll conducted at: As the children grow up and go to school full-time are you willing to take on more housekeeping duties?Glenda Propst, a nanny with more than 20-years experience wrote, “If a nanny wants to […]

Nanny and Au Pair Housekeeping Poll

What Housekeeping Duties Would You Be Willing To Do if You Were Paid Extra Money? Of the 778 nannies and au pairs that took our poll about what extra housekeeping they would be willing to do if paid extra money: 599 (77%) would be willing to grocery shop, make a food inventory, and put groceries […]

Nannies and Au Pairs and Housekeeping

How Much Cleaning is a Nanny’s Responsibility? There is hardly a more controversial topic for nannies than how many housekeeping duties are their responsibility. Professional nannies pride themselves in being responsible for the care of children and often resent also being asked to clean the home they work in. Undoubtedly, much of the day caring […]


Nannies Take on Extra Duties as Households EconomizeAlong with child care, nannies are asked to do the cleaning, shopping and other tasks once done by others. By Christy Hobart,0,7632228.story March 21, 2009 When a nanny with 10 years of experience was let go last year after her Hancock Park employers divorced, she had a hard […]

Children’s Books About Spring

Weekly Trip to the Library The Tiny Seed By Eric Carle Publisher Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Ages infant to preschool A very popular book with the description of a flowering plant’s life cycle through the seasons. It’s Spring By Samantha Berger and Pamela Chanko Publisher Scholastic, Inc. For ages 4 to 8 The robin […]

What Would You Do?

The Dangerous Grandma and Critical Grandpa For the past week we have been discussing nannies and au pairs that work for a sandwich generation family. A huge issue for nannies and au pairs working in a sandwich generation family is when the grandparents do not respect the house rules when caring for the children or […]

Tender Loving Care

Nannies and Au Pairs Working in the Sandwich Generation Family We have been discussing nannies and au pairs caught in the middle of a sandwich generation family. For today’s discussion we will assume that the elderly grandparent requires assistance, but does not require a nursing home environment. The challenge for the nanny is that the […]