How the Queen Cleans Everything By Linda Cobb

Weekly Trip to the Library

Book Review By Maria Lopez, Nanny, Miami, Florida

Although in the past few days many nannies have expressed how much they hate cleaning the houses they work in (see their answers on this blog), I have yet to meet a nanny that doesn’t help with children’s laundry and cleaning up messes made by the children that are in their care. Some tasks are tricky and nannies would benefit by having How the Queen Cleans Everything by Linda Cobb.

Linda Cobb has created an easy to read book that includes all of her tips and shortcuts on how to solve hundreds of cleaning challenges. She is clever and actually makes cleaning a house fun!

She combines three of her previous bestselling books into one comprehensive manual. The book includes: the best way to clean the kitchen and bathroom; a multitude of natural stain removers that are already in the kitchen cupboard; a comprehensive guide on how to clean carpets; the right way to allergy-proof the home; a quick way to tidy before company comes over; and so much more. I especially like the schedule of daily, twice weekly, weekly, monthly, quarterly, twice a year, and annual cleaning chores. To make reading a breeze she indexes her subjects from A to Z (A and D Ointment to ZUD Heavy Duty Cleanser).

I highly recommend How the Queen Cleans Everything by Linda Cobb for anyone that lives in a home and will need to clean it.
Stop by next Saturday for another book review for nannies and au pairs.

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