Nannies Don’t Want to Clean Up Their Boss’s Messes Monday Morning

Nanny Confessions By Stephanie Felzenberg, Nanny and Editor of How to Be the Best Nanny Nannies work in a service industry and they are at-will employees. Although caring for children is their priority, it is normal for nannies to do some housekeeping, even if they do not want to. The best nannies try to keep […]

What Are You Cleaning With and is it Safe for Families?

Earth Day: EWG Guide to Healthy Cleaning Ever wonder whether your green cleaners are actually green? Unfortunately, you can’t just check the label to find out what’s in the products under your sink or in your laundry basket. So as we all gear up for some spring cleaning, the Environmental Working Groups (EWG) wants to […]

5 Ways to Help Kids Have Fun Doing Chores

Do the Kids in Your Care Have Chores? By Sarah Aguirre Children make all kinds of excuses to get out of doing chores and cleaning–up. Here are some fun ways to help children have fun doing chores and help clean–up.  1. Turn on the music. Listen to their favorite music and watch how time flies […]

If You Weren’t a Nanny, What Would You Be?

If You Couldn’t Find A Decent Nanny Job, What Job Would You Do? With so many nanny friends looking for full-time work, and about to run out of unemployment benefits, I often worry about what would do if I were in their shoes. Andrea Flagg gave us great tips for nannies that lose their jobs in 2008 […]

Nannies and Au Pairs: Are You Responsible for Cleaning Out the Fridge?

If in Doubt Throw it Out! 1. Throw away any food that is moldy, expired, or otherwise spoiled. 2. Take all removable parts out of the refrigerator, including shelves, wire racks, and drawers. 3. Fill the sink with warm, soapy water (use a mild dish soap). Never use harsh cleaners or scouring pads in or […]

Nannies and Au Pairs: Do You Make the Children’s and Parents’ Bed?

There are some tasks that nannies and au pairs despise. Doing housekeeping duties for other adults in the home enrages some nannies and au pairs. But, many of us do make the adult’s and children’s beds and here is advice on how to do it properly. Remove Used LinensTake off the used linens and put […]

Do the Children Help With Their Laundry?

How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Teach Children to Help Do Laundry Since nannies and au pairs typically launder the children’s clothing during the work week, it’s a great opportunity to get the kids involved in learning a necessary life skill. Here’s how kids can help nannies and au pairs do laundry. SORTING: Kids love […]

How the Queen Cleans Everything By Linda Cobb

Weekly Trip to the Library Book Review By Maria Lopez, Nanny, Miami, Florida Although in the past few days many nannies have expressed how much they hate cleaning the houses they work in (see their answers on this blog), I have yet to meet a nanny that doesn’t help with children’s laundry and cleaning up […]

What Chores are the Children Responsible For?

Housekeeping Survey for Nannies and Au Pairs Below are some responses from nannies and au pairs from our monthly poll when asked “What chores are the children responsible for?” at Debra Mathwig, a nanny from Plymouth, Wisconsin wrote, “I have the children help with everything. It makes them feel good to help me out.” […]

What Housekeeping are Nannies Willing to Do?

Nanny & Au Pair Housekeeping Survey Results Below are more survey results from a Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll conducted at: As the children grow up and go to school full-time are you willing to take on more housekeeping duties?Glenda Propst, a nanny with more than 20-years experience wrote, “If a nanny wants to […]