Have You Tried the Sport-Brella?

Products Nannies and Au Pairs LoveBy Maria Lopez, Nanny As a nanny that lives and works in Miami, Florida I have probably used every beach umbrella and beach tent on the market. Considering the children and I go to the beach at least three times per week, I’m excited to share with other nannies and […]

Children’s Books and Activities About the Stars and Comets

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs The Glow-In-the-dark Planetarium Book by Annie Ingle Unlike some “glow-in-the-dark” books this one actually has an educational purpose! While looking at it with the lights turned off, constellations such as Ursa Major, Leo, Taurus, and Orion magically appear along with planets and shooting stars. When […]

Summer Water Safety for Nannies and Au Pairs

Make Water Safety Your PriorityBy American Red Cross Each year, more than 830 children ages 14 and under die as a result of unintentional drowning. On average, an annual 3,600 injuries occur to children due to a near-drowning incident. Home swimming pools are the most common site for a drowning to occur for a child […]

Would You be Insulted if Asked These Interview Questions?

For Parents Safety: Questions for Prospective Nannies by Gavin de Becker After the killing of an eight-year old boy in Brooklyn this month, we have been sharing advice by notable security and safety expert Gavin de Becker. Today he tries to help parents screen caregivers before hiring nannies to work in their home. In our […]

What is your favorite movie image of a nanny?

Movies About Nannies on TCM Tonight! Turner Classic Movies (TCM), a network featuring “classic” movies, is presenting five older films about nannies and their “families.” If you don’t have the time be sure to set your DVR for “Sitting Pretty” at 8:00 Eastern time, “Kathleen,” “The Nanny,” “Every Little Crook and Nanny,” and “My Pal, Wolf”. Click here for […]

Does Your Mom Boss Micromanage Your Work? Is Your Mom Boss Over-Emotional?

Is Your Mom Boss Like Nancy or Bambi? In the aftermath of the Casey Anthony trial, some commentators negatively portrayed HLN’s Nancy Grace as cranky, aggressive, and opinionated. Those characterizations sound just like the way some nannies describe their Mom Bosses. Ambitious, hard-driving, and unyielding, these Mom Bosses can be difficult employers. Then there is the […]

What is Causing a Shortage of Jobs for Nannies?

Factors Affecting the Supply and Demand of Nannies We have been discussing that the average nanny only makes $19,300 per year compared to a national mean for all workers of $44,410. Plus, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that wages for childcare workers have decreased over the last few years. We have speculated that the […]

Does the Au Pair Program Provide Unfair Competition for Nannies?

Are More Au Pairs Taking Much Needed Nanny Jobs? Since the au pair program was created to alleviate a shortage of eligible workers in the United States, is the au pair program necessary today given the condition of the economy? Last week we asked if the demand and pay for nannies is declining as the […]

How Hot Did it Get This Week Where You Live?

What Are You Doing to Keep Cool? I am just one of thousands of New Jersey residents that lost power during the heat wave. We reached record high temperatures already this week, as did much of the country. Here are some quick and easy tips from my local electric company on saving power during the […]

Benefits of Teaching Babies to Swim

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs An important part of summer fun with children is swimming. But, researchers from Britain and Norway have found that swimming is much more than fun — they found developmental benefits of having children learn to swim when they are babies. Research from the Norwegian University […]