Change Your Attitude Before You Change Your Job

Do the Work First, Then the Money Will Follow There are Five Job Seekers for Every Job OpeningFrom The Money Classby Suze Orman Great nannies wear many hats at their jobs including, but not limited to: childcare worker, tutor, nutritionist, and personal assistant. The best nannies are willing to pitch-in beyond just basic childcare duties to help the […]

Are Unemployed Teachers Joining the Nanny Job Market?

Do You Know Unemployed Teachers are Working as Nannies? We have been discussing the results of the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll. We asked nannies why they think it’s harder to find great nanny jobs? Those who participated in our poll answered that illegal immigrants are the number one reason nannies can’t find stellar nanny […]

Do You Think Most Nannies Are Not Paying Taxes?

Tax Justice Network: U.S. is country with largest tax evasion Why Are Nannies Having a Harder Time Finding Great Jobs? The results of the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll show that nannies blame illegal immigrants working at nanny jobs as the number one reason American citizens are having a hard time finding great nanny […]

Are Illegal Immigrants Taking Jobs From American Nannies?

Why Are Nannies Having a Harder Time Finding Great Nanny Jobs? This month in the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll we asked nannies what they thought are the reasons American nannies are having such a hard time finding great nanny jobs? We listed some possible reasons American nannies are having trouble finding jobs including: […]

When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Resume?

You Never Know When an Opportunity May Come Knocking on Your Door Nanny agencies always tell me to update my resume every six-months. But, who really does that? Since I am happily employed, I am not looking for a new nanny job. I have a full-time nanny job and since I work such long hours each week, I seldom even […]

What is Causing a Shortage of Jobs for Nannies?

Factors Affecting the Supply and Demand of Nannies We have been discussing that the average nanny only makes $19,300 per year compared to a national mean for all workers of $44,410. Plus, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that wages for childcare workers have decreased over the last few years. We have speculated that the […]

The More Exposure the Better!

Safety Concerns Finding Nanny Jobs on Social Media Web Sites We have been discussing taking your nanny job search into the new technological age. We highly recommend using social networks to help with your job search. When looking for jobs the more exposure the better! If you have a MySpace page or use Facebook you […]

Making a Web Site for Your Nanny Resume

Marketing Yourself for a Great Nanny Job in a Tough EconomyWe have been discussing how to find a nanny job in a tough economy. Now that more nannies use nanny web sites to find nanny jobs than any other method it’s time for job seekers to use the Internet to market themselves. This week we […]

How to Use Facebook to Find a Nanny Job

Thinking Outside of the Box to Find a Nanny Job The biggest social media tool is Facebook. Facebook allows you to connect with friends in a more relaxed setting than LinkedIn. It also allows you to follow the nanny industry businesses you prefer. You can utilize your Facebook account much like your Twitter and LinkedIn […]

How to Find a Nanny Job Using Twitter

With New Technology Comes New Ways to Find Nanny Jobs Twitter has surprisingly emerged as a great way to network and continue your job hunt. Although Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters per “tweet” that’s enough space for nanny agencies and nanny web sites to advertise a nanny job. When opening a Twitter account […]