The More Exposure the Better!

Safety Concerns Finding Nanny Jobs on Social Media Web Sites

We have been discussing taking your nanny job search into the new technological age. We highly recommend using social networks to help with your job search. When looking for jobs the more exposure the better!
If you have a MySpace page or use Facebook you need to be careful about the information you post. Also, click here for our safety advice using job placement web sites.

Parents who may become future employers will google your name and search for you on social media web sites. Be careful of what you post so not to deter future employers. You’ve probably heard not to post wild party photos online. Once on the Internet, anyone can copy and paste the photos and you don’t want future prospective employers to ever see such images.

Do not post photos of other people’s children on Facebook. Respect your employer’s privacy. Don’t make comments about families you wouldn’t want them or future employer’s to hear.

Do not contact parents who might be future employers on Facebook. Be respectful of their time and privacy. If they want you to connect with them on Facebook, let them contact you, not the other way around.

Beware of scams. The Internet is a haven for shifty pyramid schemes and fake “work-at-home” jobs. Make sure an employer is legit before sending them any personal information.

Although we highly recommend searching for jobs on social media networks and even creating a web site for your nanny resume, always be thoughtful about what you post. Realize that there is a difference between what you and a potential employer might think is appropriate and what you might want your friends to see.

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