November To-Do List

Something You Positively Must Do in November – BE POSITIVE!

Adopt, accentuate, and exude a positive attitude. Being positive with yourself, the kids, and parents helps get positive results.

Do not be a downer, a drama queen, or a complainer. It is so easy to fall into a rut when petty annoyances become out sized problems. You do not have the worst problems in the world so do not act like you do. Resolve or accept your issues at home and at work, and move on.

Avoid negativity as much as possible. Stay away from negative web sites, negative people, and negative activities.

How we perceive events is important. If the doctor says you have an 85% chance of cure, you feel good. If the doctor says you have a 15% chance of death, you feel bad.

How you present options to the world make a difference. Staying positive helps your attitude, your health, and your “brand.” We are positive about that.


  1. AND, if you have a job. Be glad that you have one that you might not feel positive about at times as opposed to NOT HAVING any job.As Jon Stewart said on Saturday, these are hard times, not end times. And implied don't listened to some cable news as it can magnify what you could be feeling.

  2. True enough, watching 60 Minutes last night reminded me of this terrible economy. Having a job is a great thing in itself.

  3. Thanks for the pep talk on a Monday. Mondays are always tough. But holidays are fast approaching and I must continue looking forward to that.

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