What Nannies Can Do During the Baby’s Naptime

How to Keep Motivated During Down Time When the third grader is at school full-time and the toddler is napping it can be hard to be motivated to do another load of laundry when your favorite soap opera is on the flat screen and some leftover birthday cake is waiting to be tasted in the […]

9 Ways to Lose Your Nanny By Rosalind Prather

Rosalind Prather of Trusting Connections contacted us and personally asked us to discuss her article found in an article by she wrote for the Tuscon Citizen. The nanny agency owner lists nine ways for parents to lose their nanny. To see the entire article please click here. 1. Tardiness 2. Unorganized Chaos 3. Unclear Expectations 4. Unrealistic Expectations. […]

Casting Call Makes Nanny a Reality TV Star

Get to Know Amanda Averill of Beverly Hills Nannies By Whitney TangToday we start our new column Wednesdays With Whitney. Here is part of Whitney’s interview with nanny and reality television star Amanda Averil of Beverly Hills Nannies. To see Part 1 of the interview visit Whitney’s blog The Naptime Nook. How did you get involved with the television […]

Colored Rice

Rainy Day Sensory Play By Whitney Tang The wind is growling, the rain is cascading, the children are whining. What is a nanny to do after puddle jumping, spontaneous dancing, and storytelling have all been exhausted? Brighten up your stormy afternoon by making colored rice. It’s fun to make and will give grubby little fingers […]

What Are Your Favorite Fingerplays?

Fingerplays to Use With Preschoolers A fingerplay is a rhyme to sing using our fingers or hands with the words of the song. Preschool songs and rhymes offer many life-long benefits to children. Fingerplays develop fine-motor co-ordination, sequential memory, and body awareness.  Be sure to teach the young children you care for preschool fingerplays, action rhymes, […]

The Pros and Cons of Nanny Trial Periods

Have You Ever Worked a Trial Period? I have often heard that nannies and families should have a trial period before signing a work agreement. I actually never had a trial period at any of my nanny jobs. Here are some possible pros and cons of the arrangement. Many agencies encourage trial periods because within […]

10 Diaper Bag Essentials for Nannies and Au Pairs

What You Should Carry in Your Diaper Bag 1. Diapers, Pull-Ups, or Extra Pair of UnderwearMy nanny friends recommend having at least one diaper for every hour you will be out of the house. But, I have found that just keeping at least three diapers in the diaper bag at every outing with a baby […]

Using Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes to Help Teach Children to Write Their Name

 My Name Is Special I love doing activities that relate to a children’s book after sharing a book with a child. It’s great fun using children’s book to inspire learning in children. One of the most important lessons nannies can help children learn is to write their name. Today we recommend reading Chrysanthemumby Kevin Henkes to the child in […]

National Peach Day

What Are Your Charges’ Favorite Fruits?  Peaches are one of my charges’ favorite foods. When enjoyed at the peak of ripeness, they have a sweet, juicy flesh that cannot be matched by any other fruit. Peaches are in season for a limited time in the heat of summer, with typically months ranging from late June […]

10 Things for Nannies to Include in a Pet-Sitting Work Agreement

Pet-Sitting Can Be a Pet-Peeve Pet-sitting can be a pet-peeve (pun intended) for some nannies and au pairs. So, using a simple pet-sitting work agreement can be helpful when parents ask nannies or au pairs to pet-sit. For example, if the family will be traveling on vacation the nanny or au pair should create a separate pet-sitting […]