Colored Rice

Rainy Day Sensory Play
The wind is growling, the rain is cascading, the children are whining. What is a nanny to do after puddle jumping, spontaneous dancing, and storytelling have all been exhausted? Brighten up your stormy afternoon by making colored rice. It’s fun to make and will give grubby little fingers something to plunge into that’s not the cookie jar!
You Will Need:

1 Gallon Plastic Ziploc Bag
2 Cups of Uncooked Rice
2 Tablespoons of Rubbing Alcohol
Food Coloring (15-20 drops)

What to Do:

1. Start by letting the little ones pour in the rubbing alcohol and the food coloring into the plastic bag. Make sure they pick use their favorite color!

2. Next, let them dump in the rice. Then zip the bag closed, double checking to make sure it’s fully closed.

Add rice to coloring and alcohol

3. Here comes the fun part: crank up your favorite dancing music and let your little ones shake the bag as they dance! You can let the dancing go on for as long as the little feet want to groove.

4. Now empty out your well mixed rice onto some wax paper and let it dry (this shouldn’t take very long).

5. Once it is dry, you can make a rice bin for the youngest children, placing textured toys in it. You can also pour blue rice into a bowl to create a swimming pool for Barbies and plastic animals. Get creative – with children’s minds at play, anything is possible!


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