Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls: Helpful or Hype?

Do You Use Silly Names for Private Parts with Kids? Most baby dolls are infamous for their gender vagueness. But, now there are a slew of anatomically correct genitalia baby dolls on the market. Some parents and caregivers find these baby dolls offensive or sexualized. Others don’t see any problem in teaching kids about all […]

Auto Bingo

Traveling with Kids It’s summer and time for road trips with the kids. To entertain the little ones while on the road make and play Auto Bingo. Although it is easy to print free samples of Auto Bingo from the Internet, keep the kids busy by allowing them to illustrate their own Bingo boards. Of […]

8 Ways to Ensure Nanny Job Security

Respecting Professional Boundaries Nannies often say it just takes luck to find and keep great nanny jobs. But, ensuring job longevity requires effective communication and a lot of effort to be a professional worker — not just luck. Here’s our list of ways to ensure nanny job security: 1. Arrive to your job on time […]

Pacifier Wipes

Helpful or Hype? When my Mom Boss had a newborn she received tons of great baby gifts. But she also got plenty of products that we never used. I love the concept of Pacifier Wipes. All babies drop their pacifiers a lot, so I thought that paicifier wipes were a great idea. They are portable and […]

Shaked and Baked Chicken Thighs

Cooking With Kids This is a super easy main dish to make for dinner with kids. The kids will enjoy shaking the chicken in a resealable bag to coat the thighs. If your charges like a little kick to their chicken be sure to add the paprika, chili powder, curry powder, and pepper. If they don’t […]

Finger Paint Daddy Sign

Father’s Day Gift Father’s Day is coming up this weekend. Rather than spending money on your Dad Boss spend time with your charges and help them make him a gift. You and the kids can’t go wrong giving a hand painted gift. Even the youngest toddler can finger paint this sign for their father made […]

Sea Shell Hair Pins

Creative Wednesdays Who doesn’t love summertime and days spent at the beach with the kids? Part of each day spent at the beach my charges scan the shore for sea shell treasures. These nautical hair pins are easy and inexpensive to make but don’t let little kids use the glue. Let your favorite mermaids pick out their […]

Helping Parents Write Letters of Reference for Their Nannies

Importance of Written Reference Letters Before leaving a nanny position it is beneficial to get a written reference from the parents. Having written letters of reference during nanny job interviews helps nanny candidates stand out from other job applicants because the parents can immediately see glowing recommendations from the nanny’s former employers. Written references are a record of the […]

Nanny Tees: Use BESTNANNY Code for 15% Discount

Products Nannies Love Stephanie Bauchum is a nanny and owner of the The Mtoto Agency in Dallas, Texas. She found that there was a void in cute work apparel for nannies and created Nanny Tees. The nanny explains, “Working as a nanny, my daily work wardrobe consists of workout pants and basic t-shirts.” She reveals, “There […]

Painting Symmetry

Creative Wednesdays Symmetry can be taught at an early age with this very simple art project. Explain to the little ones that if you cut something in half and both sides look exactly the same, they are symmetrical. Allow the children to experiment using different sized drops of paint and spaces between the paint dots. The five-year-old I care […]