8 Ways to Ensure Nanny Job Security

Respecting Professional Boundaries

Nannies often say it just takes luck to find and keep great nanny jobs. But, ensuring job longevity requires effective communication and a lot of effort to be a professional worker — not just luck.

Here’s our list of ways to ensure nanny job security:

1. Arrive to your job on time and be prepared and ready to work. 

2. Understand your employer’s expectations. What are the parents’ priorities? Know what’s important to them. Initiate communication often to understand their needs and wants.

3. Don’t bring your problems to work. Don’t go into detail about your love life, partying, or gossip while working. The parents don’t want your problems to become their problems.

4. Maintain a good attitude. Be a happy and enthusiastic caregiver. Be honest, patient, tolerant, responsible, and forgiving towards the kids. Be helpful and try to make the parents’ lives easier.

5. Accept constructive criticism.

6. Study your work agreement. Keep it for reference. Know your rights and responsibilities to reduce misunderstandings.

7. Keep paycheck stubs, time sheets of hours worked, job performance reviews, and anything pertaining to your job that is in writing.

8. When in doubt, nurture the kids. Provide them with a safe, healthy, happy, and loving environment to grow up in. Make sure they are comfortable and feel accepted unconditionally in your care.


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