Auto Bingo

aaaTraveling with Kids

It’s summer and time for road trips with the kids. To entertain the little ones while on the road make and play Auto Bingo. Although it is easy to print free samples of Auto Bingo from the Internet, keep the kids busy by allowing them to illustrate their own Bingo boards. Of course you can adjust the game for any outing to the Zoo, museum, park, nature hike, or airport.

You Will Need:

Poster Board or Heavy Weight Paper
Pencil and Markers

What to Do:

1. Ask the kids to list things you might find while driving.
2. Cut out a square from heavy weight paper.
3. Using a ruler help the kids make a grid of 9 to 12 boxes on the paper to make a Bingo board.
4. Have the kids write and illustrate the items to look for on the Bingo board.
5. To play the game each child gets their own Bingo board. Have them look out the car window and mark each item they find on the board. The first person to make a line (or find all the items on the board) wins.

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