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“Don’t Forget Our Troops” by Jill Biden

Don’t Forget Our Troops” by Jill Biden beautiful book for children who’s loved one is serving in the military and a perfect read for any child during Memorial Day weekend.

When a family member is serving in the military, it can be really difficult for children to understand and cope with the loss of a loved one when they must go overseas.

In this story, when five-year-old Natalie’s father departs for a year of military service overseas, although she is very proud of her father, she is upset and knows that she will miss him very much.

Natalie finds support and friendship in her school, church, neighborhood, and family that helps her cope with this difficult time. Working with her Nana, they send out cookies to her father and other service members. The neighbors show Natalie and her family kindness, from yard work to baking dinner. Her teacher talks about the military and how important they are. At church everyone prays for the service members. Natalie and her family even get to speak with her Dad through the computer.

Natalie learns that her father is not the only person in the military that is missed by his family, and that her grandmother, mother, and younger brother also are experiencing loss. The greatest help for Natalie is the constant voice of her father reminding her to “Be Brave,” and that helps her get through the year. Although it was hard, when her father finally returns home, there could not be a greater joyous occasion.

Inspired by the experiences of her granddaughter Natalie during her father deployment to Iraq, Jill Biden has created a truly touching and beautiful book. Both in writing and in the amazing artwork of Juan Colon, “Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops” perfectly illustrates the emotions that children and their families face when military service separates them for a period of time.

Recommended for readers age 3 to 7, “Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops” is a perfect addition to the libraries of all families — military and civilian alike.

Included at the end of the book are some references for organizations that support the military and their families as well as resources for children on how to connect with military children in their communities. Additionally, Jill Biden donates all net author proceeds to charities that support military families and children, and publisher Simon & Schuster will make a contribution to a charity that supports military families and children.

You can purchase your own copy of “Don’t Forget Our Troops” by Jill Biden by tapping the title of the book in this review or by visiting my Amazon storefront by clicking here.

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