Mealtime Manners are Important

Table Manners Star Chart

Nannies must help teach nanny kids table manners by modeling proper manners. Shiela Ellison, author of 365 Ways to Raise Confident Kids explains that manners are behaviors that reflect awareness of other people’s feelings.

It takes time to teach kids socially acceptable behavior. This learning happens each day within the family.

A child with manners can confidently interact with others in a way that attracts positive feedback, which encourage the good manners to continue.

Make a star chart listing all of the mealtime manners you want the kids to follow. Perhaps start with one manner per week to work on together. If after the meal the child feels they have succeeded they can give themselves a star.

Shiela Ellison’s list of mealtime manners:

1. Stay seated while eating
2. Age appropriate proper use of utensils
3. Keep elbows off the table
4. Ask for food to be passed
5. Ask to be excused
6. Chew with mouth closed
7. Leave hand and napkins in lap
8. Say please and thank you
9. For older kids no cell phones or electronics at the table


Shiela Ellison, 365 Ways to Raise Confident Kids

EWG Best Sunscreens for Kids

Best nanny newsletter suncreens

Does Your Sunscreen Make the List?

Each year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) rates the best sunscreens. The EWG selected the sunscreens below that are marketed for use on babies and children.

The EWG recommends using lotions rather than sunscreen sticks because some studies indicate that people tend to apply too little sunscreen when using sticks, so those products are not listed here.

Other ways to protect children from the sun’s UV rays is to:

Wear Clothes
Shirts, hats, shorts, and pants reduce the burn risk by 27%.

Find Shade or Make It
Find shade under a tree or make shade using a canopy, or umbrella which can reduce the risk of burns by 30%.

Sunglass protect your eyes from UV radiation.

Plan Around the Sun
Go outdoors early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky.

Check UV Index
The UV index provides important information to help plan your outdoor activities in ways to prevent sun overexposure.

EWG’s 2017 Best Sunscreen Guide for Kids:

Adorable Baby Sunscreen, SPF 30+

All Good Kid’s SPF 30

All Terrain KidSport SPF 30

Aveeno Baby Sensitive SPF 50

Babytime! SPF 35

Badger Baby SPF 30

Blue Lizardaby SPF 30+

BurnOut Kids SPF 35

California Baby SPF 30+

Carribean Sol SPF 30

Kiss My Face Organics Kids

Sunology for Kids SPF 50

ThinkSport Kids SPF 50+

Tom’s of Main Baby SPF 30

TruKid Sport SPF 30


Environmental Working Group

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