Leaving Social Distancing Chalk Messages for Friends

Sidewalk Chalk Messages of Love

We have to keep 6-feet distance between people and cannot have playdates due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of just relying on FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype spend a morning or aftwenoon walking or riding bikes around town and leave sidewalk chalk messages on friend’s driveways and sidewalks. It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends while getting some much needed exercise and fresh air.

You Will Need:

Sidewalk Chalk

What to Do:

1. Walk, ride bikes, or scooters with your Nanny Kids to their friends’ homes.

2. Help your Nanny Kids write sidewalk messages for their friends in their driveways or sidewalks, while keeping your distance.

Paper Airplane Targets

Creative Wednesdays

If you and your nanny kids are stuck inside during the coronavirus pandemic — like most of the world — have some fun today by having paper airplane target practice.

I had the kids help me make all different kinds of paper airplanes.

Then I made a paper airplane target by cutting out holes out of cardboard. I hung the cardboard targets up in the foyer and the kids threw their paper airplanes through the holes.

Make up different games. Each child can choose one color to use just for their paper planes. Make each type of plane and see which flies the farthest or the most accurately. You can use the holes to score points. The large hole can be worth less points than if the kids can fly a plane through the smaller hole.

You Will Need:

Flat Cardboard
Scissor and Safe Utility Razor
Ribbon or String

What to Do:

1. Have the kids make paper airplanes. Click here to see the diynetwork.com web site which shows many ways to make different types of paper airplanes.

2. Have an adult trace large circles on a piece of flat cardboard. Use a safe razor from tool kit to start cutting out the circles. Finish cutting them out with a sharp scissor.

3. Make two small holes at top of cardboard. String ribbon through the holes to hang the target.

4. Make up different games while aiming paper planes towards the holes.

Orange Ginger Drumsticks

Cooking for Families My Nanny Kids love chicken drumsticks and mandarin oranges so I adapted a recipe I found in Eating Well magazine for chicken thighs that’s not on their web site. Searing the chicken before roasting it at a super high heat ensures a super-crispy skin. You Will Need: 2 Pounds Drumsticks 1/2 tsp. […]

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Nannies Shine During Covid-19 School Closures

Nannies Help Kids Feel Safe and Secure During Crisis During a crisis is when nannies shine — they show their employers they can handle stress and help the kids thrive! Professional nannies stay calm in a crisis. Be it during a divorce, illness or death in the Nanny Family, when a child gets hurt, there […]

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Saint Patrick’s Day Pancakes

Cooking for Kids Saint Patrick’s Day is next week. Instead of buying green bagels for breakfast, I like making green pancakes for my Nanny Kids on Saint Patrick’s Day. I love using the colorful Lucky Charms cereal marshmallows to decorate pancakes for the kids. Simply use your favorite pancake mix to make this easy holiday […]

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Leprechaun Paper Bag Puppets

Creative Wednesdays Even the most creative nannies need to go online to find resources for projects to do with the kids sometimes. This week I visited abcteach.com to find templates for leprechaun paper bag puppets to make with the kids. Just click this link to print four leprechauns and accesories includeing a harp, shamrock, and pot […]

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How Nannies Should Talk to Kids About Covid-19

Be a Calm Caregiver My youngest Nanny Kid came home crying from school because other children told her the coronavirus was just half an hour away. She thought the virus was traveling to her town and would arrive in half an hour. Then a nanny friend admitted she told her Nanny Kid the number of […]

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Does Punishing a Child that Lies Make them Lie More?

Nanny Confessions I confess, it drives me nuts when my Nanny Kid’s lie (or an adult does for that matter). It’s easier to fix a problem if people of all ages are just honest. I think it’s pretty normal for many kids to exaggerate or stretch the truth for attention or to help them feel […]

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From Grapes to Jelly by Bridget Heo

Weekly Trip to the Library I love “The Who Made My Lunch” series of children’s books that takes readers on the journey of common household foods travel from farm, to factory, to table. After reading From Grapes to Jelly be sure to make some recipes using jelly. Allow the kids to spread jelly on their […]

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Lemon Green Beans

Cooking for Kids This is such an easy, quick, and delicious side dish my Nanny Kids love that I found on the Martha Stewart web site. A little lemon zest just adds a new and healthy taste to green beans, haricots verts, or wax beans. Adjust the amount of lemon zest to your liking (I […]

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