Don’t Allow Gas Mileage to Be Added to Your Paycheck

img_8028Our Favorite Mileage Tracking Diaries and Apps

In the United States nannies should be reimbursed IRS gas mileage when they use their own cars for work purposes. The 2018 gas mileage rate is 54.5 cents per mile.

Some parents prefer to add the gas mileage to their nanny’s weekly paycheck but don’t allow your employers to make this costly mistake.

There is a difference between income and reimbursement. Income is taxed. Gas mileage is reimbursement owed to you for using your vehicle and should not be taxed as income.

All that’s needed to track your miles is to keep a pad of paper and pencil in your car so you can date and log where you drove and the miles driven each trip you take for work purposes. Record the odometer reading before and after each trip. Each week you simply multiply the miles you drove by 54.5 and your employers pay you the sum in cash.

My nanny friends highly recommend gas mileage logs that can be purchased and left in your car as well. One friend recommends using the Dome 750 Mileage Tracker and another loves using the BookFactory Auto Mileage Log Book.

Or, you can use an app on your smart phone to track the miles.

Here are some gas mileage apps to use to efficiently track miles driven:

1. MileIQ

MileIQ has various pricing options including a free basic plan. It is one of the most polished and easy-to-use apps. For every drive MileIQ records automatically. You swipe left if it’s personal trip or right if it’s a business trip. MileIQ maintains an accurate record of your mileage stored securely in the cloud. The only difference between the free version of MileIQ and the paid version is that you can log 40 trips per month for the free version and have an unlimited number of trips with the paid version.

img_80182. TripLog 2

TripLog’s basic features are free. Advanced features, such as Bluetooth “autostart” and automatic daily cloud backup, come at a nominal price. You can also use TripLog 2.0 to estimate your gas mileage and find the best gas prices. Of all the mileage tracking apps available, TripLog is the best mileage tracking app for those who want to control when it should start tracking your business trips.

3. Stride Tax

Stride Tax is a free mileage and expense tracking app that will allow you to record your mileage by running it in the background as you drive. You can start and stop recording your mileage for each trip by tapping the start button when you leave home – or in some versions of the app, you can set it up to record automatically. You can also use Stride Tax to log your receipts and expense records, so you’ll have all your business deductions in one place at tax time.

img_80204. Everlance

Everlance allows you to track 30 trips a month for free. After that it costs $5 per month or $59.99 annually. It allows you to track all your driving.

img_80275. MileBug

MileBug is a functional app that does everything it’s supposed to. It isn’t as fancy as some apps, but still gets the job done. Track your miles for multiple businesses and drivers easily within the app. When it’s time to report, the app will email you the data in html in the body of the email or as an attached file. It stores your data in the cloud in case you lose your device or acquire a new.

img_80216. Mile Cloud

Mile Cloud is designed to automatically track your mileage while you are driving. All you have to do is to classify your driving purpose with Mile Cloud’s highly customizable trip filters and you will get your detailed monthly and annual mileage reports. All your data is saved to your own iCloud. Mile Cloud is free but there are more add-ons.

7. Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker

Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker is a very basic app that simply tracks your miles and receipts for business expenses.

8. Veryfi Logbook Mileage Tracker

Veryfi Logbook app tracks your business-related vehicle travels automatically with detailed logs ready for tax reporting. Take the stress out of keeping a journal of trips with Veryfi Logbook app.

img_80249. MileLogger

MileLogger automatically logs your drives when you start driving. It is free to classify drives with a single swipe.

img_802510. MileGo

MileGo uses your phone’s built-in GPS to automatically detect when you get into a car and then logs that trip for reimbursement or tax deduction purposes. Alternatively, you can simply tap to start and end your trip. With just a swipe of the screen, this intelligent mile tracker app categorizes your trip as ‘Business’ or ‘Personal’ and then breaks it down further, with additional tagging options.

No matter how you chose to record the miles you drive for work with your own vehicle, don’t allow your employers to add what they owe you for gas mileage to your paycheck. Your employers should pay you with cash so that you aren’t taxed for the reimbursement as income.

10 Favorite Laundry Detergents for Babies

Products Nannies Love

Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies. The easiest way to protect babies from chemicals and fragrances that synthetic laundry detergents contain is to use natural products to wash their clothing and bedding.

All that is need to clean clothes are Baking Soda and White Vinegar.  Just 3/4 cup of baking soda can get a load of laundry clean with no added chemicals and no residual gunk left on the clothes. It works great on cloth diapers and adult clothing.

White vinegar is the perfect fabric softener. At first I worried that adding vinegar to my laundry would have me smelling like a salad, but the odor doesn’t remain on dry clothes. Adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle removes any detergent left in the clothing, prevents scale from settling in the clothes (which is the main reason it works as a fabric softener), and helps to repels per hair and dander.

If you or the family you work for are desperate to have a scent added to the clothing, experiment by adding a few drops of essential oils like tea tree oil, mint, lemon, or lavender to the wash.

My 10 Favorite Store Bought Laundry Detergent Brands:

1. All Free and Clear

I love that All Free and Clear can be found on any grocery store shelf, in any Target or Walmart store, and even pharmacies in America. It is also inexpensive compared to specialty baby detergent brands. All Free and Clear can be used for the whole family. It has no irritating perfumes or fabric softeners.

2. Babyganics

This all-natural, plant-based detergent is amazing for babies with sensitive skin or any child with eczema. It is sulfate-free and rinses completely so there is never any itchy residue left behind.

3. Nellie’s Laundry Detergent

Just one tablespoon of Nellie’s Laundry Soda is needed for each regular sized laundry load. Every Nellie dryerball, fragrance stick, and laundry nugget is free of irritating toxins and phosphates, making them completely hypoallergenic. All the ingredients are biodegradable, helping to keep the environment as spotless as your clothes. Nellie’s Laundry Soda is safe for HE and standard washing machines. This detergent is scented.

4. Mrs. Meyer’s Laundry Detergent

This cruelty-free detergent contains naturally derived ingredients. It does have a fragrance derived from wildflowers, with a tiny touch of apple, lemon, and mint. Contains surfactants from plant-derived sources, dirt and stain-fighting enzymes, other thoughtfully chosen ingredients and, of course, those important essential oils. This liquid detergent is concentrated so a little goes a long way.

5. Puracy Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent

Plant-derived and allergen-free for those with sensitive skin and a clean environment. It was developed by doctors to clean as well as the synthetic brands, all while being a gentle and renewable solution.

6. Charlie Banana Laundry Detergent

Charlie Banana Laundry Soap is ideal for babies’ clothes and for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. You just need to add one tablespoon to wash cloth diapers. It dissolves quickly in cold water, rinses thoroughly, and leaves no residue that can make clothes stiff and irritating. All their detergent just contains natural washing soda, sodium silicate, and coconut oil based detergents.

7. Seventh Generation

This hypoallergenic and fragrance-free laundry detergent is dermatologist tested to be gentle on skin. It is ultra-concentrated laundry soap. For more than 25 years, Seventh Generation has been thoughtfully formulating safe and effective plant-based products that work. As a leading green laundry detergent manufacturer, we are proud to make biodegradable and EPA Safer Choice Certified detergents. Their products are never tested on animals and do not contain animal-based ingredients. It is a very popular brand easy to find on store shelves.

8. Charlie’s Laundry Soap

Repeated washing with many detergents can leave residues in both your washer and your wash that can irritate sensitive skin. Just one tablespoon of Charlie’s Soap per load of laundry creates a soothing, safe, effective and biodegradable detergent that leaves nothing but the sweet smell of clean between your clothes and

9. Eco-Me Laundry Detergent

This is an efficient laundry detergent that has natural ingredients and eco friendly. Eco-Me makes several detergents with fragrance, but chose the one that has no fragrance for children with sensitive skin. This detergent is not tested on animals. It’s a gentle detergent not great for set in dirty stains from sports but it’s absolutely perfect for baby clothes and delicates.

10. Dreft Stage 1

I’m only adding Deft to the list because so many of my nanny friends recommend it. If the baby isn’t irritated by fragrances this is a very popular laundry detergent. It is marketed that it is made to be gentle on a newborn’s skin but I personally find the fragrance irritating to my skin. Deft is a popular brand that is easy to find on local store shelves.


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