Handwriting Training Pencil Grips

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It can be difficult to teach a child to hold their pencil properly. The longer the child holds the writing implement improperly, the harder it becomes to change the bad habit.

This Training Pencil Grip has two holes that can fix the thumb and index finger, allowing both righties and lefties to hold their pencil the correct way. It helps improves handwriting, helps to give more control, and reduces hand fatigue that comes with writing the wrong way.

No matter what stage a child is in learning how to write, this ergonomic pencil holder prevents skin irritation, blisters, and discomfort that might come from pressing a pencil too hard.

This comfortable pencil grip is latex-free and made of eco-friendly silicone, so you won’t have to worry if the child has a latex allergy or chews on the pencil holder.

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Training Pencil Grip

Pencil Grips (4 Pack)

Should Parents Give their Nannies Mother’s Day Gifts?

10 Reasons to Give Gifts to Nannies

It’s no secret that the relationship between busy working mothers and the nannies who help to care for their children can be a bit strained. Mothers go to great lengths to find the perfect nanny, then agonize about whether or not the children might love her more when she lives up to her employers’ expectations. As Mother’s Day draws near, here are a ten reasons why you might want to consider getting a gift for your nanny.

  1. To Acknowledge How Hard She Work: Caring for children is no small task, even for professionals. It’s hard and often thankless work; giving nannies a gift for Mother’s Day is a great way to show then that you know how difficult their job can be.
  2. To Show Your Appreciation: A small token of this appreciation can be a great way of showing it.
  3. To Give Her the Credit That She Deserves: Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the women who love and care for the children they’re responsible for; nannies are no exception. Nannies play a huge role in the lives of children. They deserve credit for helping in the running of their employer’s household.
  4. Because She’s the Only Mother Figure: In families headed by single fathers, two fathers, or are otherwise missing a female mother figure, a nanny might be the closest semblance to a traditional “Mother” in the children’s lives.
  5. Because She Has Children of Her Own: Nannies with children of their own certainly deserve at least a small sign that you acknowledge the sacrifices they makes with their kids in order to properly care for yours when you’re away. We send cards and flowers to friends and relatives that are mothers; your nanny should not be an exception.
  6. Because Your Children Love Her: Despite fears to the contrary, the children of working mothers do not “love the nanny more,” even if she is with them for a significant portion of their day. Rather than feeling jealous that children love their nanny, take it as a sign that they are in excellent hands with her.
  7. To Aid in Retention: Finding the perfect nanny is just the beginning; after this hurdle is crossed, there’s always the worry that she might find a better job or better working conditions elsewhere. Giving her a small gift on Mother’s Day can help her to feel valued.
  8. To Show Camaraderie: Working moms and the nannies who help their houses run smoothly are in the trenches together. Showing nannies that you think of them as a partner rather than a rival can be done quite simply with a small Mother’s Day gift.
  9. Because She’s Been With You For Years: A nanny that’s been caring for your children for the bulk of their lives is one of the only people who knows their hopes, fears, and needs almost as well as you do. After years at her post, a nanny has been instrumental in the raising of the household’s children and her contributions should be acknowledged.
  10. She’s Part of the Family: It’s not uncommon for working parents to consider their nanny a part of the family; one that goes on vacation with them and spends the bulk of her time caring for their children. If you’re one of those parents, getting her a small Mother’s Day gift to show it is sure to be a gesture she’ll treasure.

Your Mother’s Day “gift” to your nanny doesn’t have to be a tangible offering; instead, it might also be a good idea to show your appreciation for her by giving her the day to do as she pleases. While she’s enjoying that gift, Mom can enjoy her special day with her children.

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I Can Handle It! By Laurie Wright

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Braided Easter Bread

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The Opposite of Spoiled by Ron Lieber

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Making a Model Lung

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The Debate Over Using Time-Outs

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