Have You Worked for Parents Who are Divorced?

Working with Children in Non-Traditional Families With New York making marriage equality legal this weekend we started discussing working with non-traditional family structures. There are estimates that half of all marriages in America currently end in divorce. If the estimates are true, nannies must be prepared for working for children whose parents are divorced. Divorce […]

Nanny Advice for Nannies from Nannies

Have You Ever Been Shorted On a Babysitting Job? Would You Ask the Parents for the Extra Money or Just Let it Slide? Nannies constantly email Be the Best Nanny Newsletter privately for advice. In response we will post a regular feature on the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter blog asking nannies for their advice […]

What Type of Non-Traditional Famlies Have You Worked for?

Children Raised in Non-Traditional Families Can Be Secure and Well-Adjusted It is big news that marriage equality is now legal in New York. Yesterday we asked if nannies would work for LGBT parents. Today we share great advice to consider when working with children raised by same sex parents. We tend to define non-traditional families […]

Nannies, Would You Work for a Gay or Lesbian Parents?

Non-Traditional Families are the Norm in a Modern World This weekend New York became the largest state to legalize gay marriage. Click here to read about the road to marriage equality. If you think you don’t know any LGBT parents (LGBT parenting refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people parenting one or more children) […]

Invisible Nannies Hiding in Plain Sight

Book Review of The True Nanny DiariesOver the past two-weeks have been discussing the pros and cons of the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR). As we discuss nanny rights there is no better time to look inside the lives of many immigrant domestic workers. I highly recommend adding The True Nanny Diaries by […]

The Value of a Nanny is Measured By Compensation and Necessary Benefits

Thoughts on Worker Rights Bills and Nannies The first step to increasing the prestige of the nanny profession is to raise the bar of the most basic needs and expectations. By Stephanie Felzenberg, Editor of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Recently, Harold Camping, prophesied that the world would end on May 21, 2011. In Saudi […]

Special Rights for Special Workers

Domestics Deserve Some Special Rights Due to the Special Nature of Their Job The rights in the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR) that we have examined in our series have been rights taken for granted by other workers for many years. Today, we discuss rights that are extended to nannies by the bill […]

Notice of Termination and the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Have You Always Been Given at Least 21-Days Notice or Severance Pay When Leaving a Nanny Job? We have been discussing the two views of the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR) — trying to explain why some oppose it and why some support it. This legislation requires at least 21-days advance notice before […]

When Was the Last Time You Got a Raise or Paid Vacation Days?

CDWRB and Right to Wage Increases and Right to Paid Vacation Days Today, we continue examining rights guaranteed by the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR). The bill gives the nanny the right to an annual minimum wage increase equal to the rate of the annual cost of living increase. The bill also gives […]

Are You Paid for Every Hour Worked?

California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and Time We have been discussing the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR). Click here to learn about why some people support the bill and some don’t. Click here to see the pros and cons of paid sick days for nannies. The CDWBR proclaims that workers have the […]