Special Rights for Special Workers

Domestics Deserve Some Special Rights Due to the Special Nature of Their Job

The rights in the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR) that we have examined in our series have been rights taken for granted by other workers for many years. Today, we discuss rights that are extended to nannies by the bill that are industry specific.

Right to Cook One’s Own Food: Included in this bill is the right to cook one’s own food of choice.

Five-Hours Sleep: For live-ins, the right to at least five-hours of uninterrupted sleep is guaranteed.

PRO: The unique demands of a nanny often allows little or no time for meals. When there is time, the nanny should be allowed to eat what they want when they can and have access to the kitchen for that purpose. Families with babies and multi-generational families who may wake often during the night often put demands on the nanny or elder care provider that do not allow sufficient rest.

CON: Bring your meals if you are fussy. The parents’ refrigerator and appliances are for the family’s use, they shouldn’t have to worry about their employee too. Bring sleep aids if you must. Depend on yourself, not on the government.

Are you allowed to use the family’s kitchen, appliances, and refrigerator for your personal convenience? Do you get at least five-hours sleep each work night?


  1. That's so funny my friend is talking about this right now. The family doesn't have room in their fridge for her and they never make enough for her. If parents are going to pay you less because they pay your room and board at least give them some food. LOL

  2. I guess it's about if you are a live in or live out. I was live in and could eat anything they were so nice. But now I work live out and mother complained so now I'm bringing in my own food.

  3. Well your posts have really helped me think about it. I will say today I realize you PROBABLY side with the bill but good job showing both views on the topic!

  4. I'm a live out nanny but I do all the grocery shopping for the family. They tell me to pick up anything I want for myself when I'm doing their shopping. I mostly get stuff to make my own sandwhich or salad. Nothing crazy. But I'm very grateful. It saves me a lot of money over time!

  5. This is happening to me right now. I've worked as a live in before and never even had to question being hungry. The family was so generous. I never had to be hungry. Now I am a live in but not in the main house but in a carriage house not attached to the main house. I have to supply my own everything e.g. toilet paper, soap, water so I'm not seeing how they are paying me less than $300 for a 60 hr work week and claiming that's because they are paying room and board. I'm paying everything but rent. Of course rent is a lot of money but still not making enough. Parents I am friends with have told me the mother said she likes live ins because they are cheaper. Why would I want to work for a cheap parent? Being a nanny I know money isn't everything, a nice relationship with the family is sometimes more important. But in the case I have neither. Live ins are easy to take advantage of in this way.

  6. Just read yesterday's blog and comments. The A in INA should stand for agencies. INA is no friend of nannies and no nanny should join or support them.

  7. Haven't seen you around much poly sci but couldn't agree with you more! Why weren't nannies represented in these mass emails?? If professional nanny agencies won't even support us who will. I'm thinking Buffi has a point about organizing because the nanny industry doesn't have a clue what its like to live in poverty and be disrepected. Either is bad enough but bothg ois a double whammy. WE HAVE SO MANY Nannies leaving the profession due to lack of support. Why should any college educated caregiver want to continue working in a field w so little advantages?

  8. Reyna, Must be love of kids. Love to teach and to nurture. But an entire segment of society devalues nannies and teachers and others who care for kids. Their platitudes are as worthless as INA's blog site—which censors any dissenting opinion.

  9. The point is that the country does not need more regulation. Nannies can not accept jobs, or leave jobs they don't like. If the nanny refuses to be treated badly the parents will learn the fact that they get what they pay for.

  10. The point is that regulations are intended to aid those who tend to be abused and powerless; in one word, nannies. Other careers take these protections for granted.

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