Send Your Letter in Support or Opposition of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Today!

CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights to Be Heard This Wednesday! Tomorrow, Wednesday July 6, the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights will be heard in the Senate Labor Committee. Please click here to contact Labor Committee Chair, Ted Leiu and the other Senate Labor Committee members and let them know that their support of […]

The Value of a Nanny is Measured By Compensation and Necessary Benefits

Thoughts on Worker Rights Bills and Nannies The first step to increasing the prestige of the nanny profession is to raise the bar of the most basic needs and expectations. By Stephanie Felzenberg, Editor of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Recently, Harold Camping, prophesied that the world would end on May 21, 2011. In Saudi […]

Special Rights for Special Workers

Domestics Deserve Some Special Rights Due to the Special Nature of Their Job The rights in the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR) that we have examined in our series have been rights taken for granted by other workers for many years. Today, we discuss rights that are extended to nannies by the bill […]

Nannies Must Read!

The Forgotten Population: Domestic Workers in Our Homes Shmuly Yanklowitz wrote this wonderful article for Some of the article is below. Click here to read the entire article. Ever stop to ask the salary of the woman washing dishes on Shabbat in your neighbor’s home, or the gentleman mowing your friend’s lawn about […]

Do You Have Paid Sick Days?

Have Your Employers Paid for Medical Expenses When Hurt on the Job? Yesterday we started discussing the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR). This bill guarantees equal right to a safe and healthy workplace. Domestic workers are currently excluded from protection under California’s Occupational Safety & Health Act (CAL-OSHA). The CDWBR would extend CAL-OSHA protection […]

Do You Know a Nanny Working in Nearly Slave Conditions?

A Union for Nannies: Domestic Workers UnitedI love this article The Nannies’ Norma Rae by Barbara Ehrenreich from The New York Times Style Magazine. If you know a nanny or housekeeper (as I’m sure you do) who works for a family who doesn’t respect labor laws or the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights I urge […]

"Today We Correct an Historic Injustice"

Paterson Signs Domestic Workers Bill of Rights! Governor David A. Paterson today signed into law a landmark bill to grant workplace protections to domestic workers, the first such law to be enacted in the nation. Domestic workers had been excluded from many of the rights granted to other employees by legislation enacted in the past. […]

History in the Making for Domestic Workers!

Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Becomes Law Today Domestic Worker’s United asks domestic workers to join them at the historic signing of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights into law at the new Harriet Tubman Memorial Plaza, a traffic triangle, at the intersection of Frederick Douglass Boulevard (formerly Eighth Avenue) at St. Nicholas Avenue and […]