Home Care Workers Included in Fair Labor Standards Act!

Major Step for Domestic Workers Yesterday the White House released new regulations to include home care workers in the Fair Labor Standards Act! Last Wednesday, the California State Senate passed the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, AB 241! The announcement from the White House is part of a broad movement to win dignity, respect, and […]

CA State Senate Passes the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Photo from Domestic Workers United What You Can Do Now About the CA Domestic Workers Bill of RightsLast week California’s State Senate passed the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and now California Governor Jerry Brown needs to sign it into law. If you support the bill call Governor Brown’s office at (916) 445-2841 and leave a message asking the Governor to […]

Article Talks About The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Being a Nanny in a Post-Bill of Rights State in Huffington Post by Arlene Roberts The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights ushered in a new era for nannies and house-keepers in New York. Or did it? It has been almost a year and a half since the legislation was enacted. This May Day would be a […]

California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Passed

Today the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights passed the California Senate Labor Committee. Sponsored by Assembly member Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), the bill now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee for approval. Co-sponsored by Assembly members Allen (D- Sonoma), Cedillo (D- LA), Ma (D- San Francisco), Fuentes (D-San Fernando), Ma (D-San Francisco), Monning (D- […]

Would a Manny Be Better Paid Than the Typical Female Nanny?

Would having more men in the occupation make being a nanny a more prestigious and better paying occupation? In our discussions about domestic workers rights many nannies have commented on this blog that nannies and other domestic workers are among the poorest and most mistreated workers in the nation. Historically, there has been a pecking order of […]

Send Your Letter in Support or Opposition of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Today!

CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights to Be Heard This Wednesday! Tomorrow, Wednesday July 6, the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights will be heard in the Senate Labor Committee. Please click here to contact Labor Committee Chair, Ted Leiu and the other Senate Labor Committee members and let them know that their support of […]

The Value of a Nanny is Measured By Compensation and Necessary Benefits

Thoughts on Worker Rights Bills and Nannies The first step to increasing the prestige of the nanny profession is to raise the bar of the most basic needs and expectations. By Stephanie Felzenberg, Editor of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Recently, Harold Camping, prophesied that the world would end on May 21, 2011. In Saudi […]

Special Rights for Special Workers

Domestics Deserve Some Special Rights Due to the Special Nature of Their Job The rights in the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR) that we have examined in our series have been rights taken for granted by other workers for many years. Today, we discuss rights that are extended to nannies by the bill […]

Notice of Termination and the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Have You Always Been Given at Least 21-Days Notice or Severance Pay When Leaving a Nanny Job? We have been discussing the two views of the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR) — trying to explain why some oppose it and why some support it. This legislation requires at least 21-days advance notice before […]

When Was the Last Time You Got a Raise or Paid Vacation Days?

CDWRB and Right to Wage Increases and Right to Paid Vacation Days Today, we continue examining rights guaranteed by the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR). The bill gives the nanny the right to an annual minimum wage increase equal to the rate of the annual cost of living increase. The bill also gives […]