Taking the High Road When Leaving a Nanny Job

The Last Impression Made by Employees Becomes the Basis for References By Sue Downey, Nanny Whatever the reason for leaving, nannies should be thoughtful and considerate of the children and the parents when planning to leave a job. This may be difficult to accomplish. Caregivers have to be professional, even if they are angry and […]

Notice of Termination and the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Have You Always Been Given at Least 21-Days Notice or Severance Pay When Leaving a Nanny Job? We have been discussing the two views of the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR) — trying to explain why some oppose it and why some support it. This legislation requires at least 21-days advance notice before […]

Would the NY Nanny Law Help You? What are Your Termination Rights?

Have You Been Let-Go Without 14-Days Notice? Last week the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights was passed in NY and is awaiting NY Governor Paterson to sign it into law. The legislation requires that domestic employees receive a 14-day termination notice. If the employer fails to give adequate termination notice, the employee can receive back […]