Importance of Last Impressions for Nannies and Parents

Respecting Professional Boundaries Years ago Sue Downey of Nannypalooza wrote “Taking the High Road When Leaving a Nanny Job” I published on my web site. She explains nannies should remain professional and give proper notice at their job because the last impression nannies make when leaving a job will be the memories parents remember most […]

How to Tell the Kids the Nanny is Leaving their Job

Preparing Kids for Post Nanny Relationship Quitting nanny jobs and leaving a family (especially the kids) is a great loss.  Although nannies leaving their jobs is not nearly as traumatic as the grief experienced after the death of a loved one, any change can trigger the grief process. Nannies, children, and parents may experience the […]

Taking the High Road When Leaving a Nanny Job

The Last Impression Made by Employees Becomes the Basis for References By Sue Downey, Nanny Whatever the reason for leaving, nannies should be thoughtful and considerate of the children and the parents when planning to leave a job. This may be difficult to accomplish. Caregivers have to be professional, even if they are angry and […]

Is it Possible to Find a Nanny Job Online Without Your Employer Finding Out?

How to Find a Job While You Have a Job We usually recommend that job seekers find a new nanny job before quitting their current job. If you try to find a job with the help of a nanny agency they will honor your wish to be discrete while you are interviewing for jobs. But, when using […]

Why Nannies Should Not Walk Out on Their Job

Leaving a Job Professionally Ensures Good References By Maria Lopez, Nanny, Miami FL I have prided myself on being the best career nanny I could be for over a decade. I have a college degree, have worked for each family for a long time, and I have wonderful written references. But, I made one huge […]

What You Must Have Lined Up Before You Voluntarily Leave a Job

The Money Class by Suze Orman Last week we shared a lot of advice from Suze Orman, author of The Money Class. Last week we shared her advice for those who are currently employed. Even if you are working at a great job, at a time of high unemployment Orman suggests we must hope for […]

Would the NY Nanny Law Help You? What are Your Termination Rights?

Have You Been Let-Go Without 14-Days Notice? Last week the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights was passed in NY and is awaiting NY Governor Paterson to sign it into law. The legislation requires that domestic employees receive a 14-day termination notice. If the employer fails to give adequate termination notice, the employee can receive back […]