Do You Think Nannies Should Unionize?

Tough road to domestic workers’ union, report says The Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights prompted the report, which shows that including domestic workers under the State Employment Relations Act “is a critical first step in the organizing process.” By Daniel Massey The Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights that Gov. David Paterson signed earlier this year […]

Do You Get Paid Sick Days?

How Would the New NY Nanny Law Effect You? We have been discussing why those who support the Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights are so excited that NY Governor David Paterson is expected to sign the bill into law. This new “Nanny Law” gives domestic workers up to seven paid sick days for full-time workers, […]

Would the NY Nanny Law Help You? What are Your Termination Rights?

Have You Been Let-Go Without 14-Days Notice? Last week the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights was passed in NY and is awaiting NY Governor Paterson to sign it into law. The legislation requires that domestic employees receive a 14-day termination notice. If the employer fails to give adequate termination notice, the employee can receive back […]

Nannies: Do You Get Overtime Pay?

Would the NY Nanny Law Help You (if you worked in NY)? For the past two weeks we have been discussing how New York State Legislature passed the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, making New York the first state in the nation to provide new standards of worker protections for more than 200,000 employees in […]

Today Should Be a Paid Holiday!

Nannies, Is Today a Paid Holiday for You? What Paid Holidays Do You Get Off? We have been posting articles about the new “New York Nanny Law.” Click here to see the article stating that Gov. Paterson will be pleased to sign the bill. Click here to see comments from the article entitled “Wake-Up Call […]

NY Nanny Law: Gov Paterson Says He’ll "Be Pleased to Sign it into Law."

This post was written by CBS News Investigates intern Brian Mastroianni. Deloris Wright worked for eight years as a nanny for a family in New York City. Earlier this year she was fired when she refused to work a nearly 60-hour week with no overtime. “I was so humiliated,” said Wright. “When I spoke to […]

New Nanny-Pay Legislation a “Wake-Up Call” for Working Parents

There is an article about the NY Nanny Law on the Wall Street Journal blog by Sue Shellenbarger. Click here to see the article. Click here too refer back to our article on the topic. Then answer: How do you feel about the Nanny Law?