Today Should Be a Paid Holiday!

Nannies, Is Today a Paid Holiday for You? What Paid Holidays Do You Get Off?

We have been posting articles about the new “New York Nanny Law.” Click here to see the article stating that Gov. Paterson will be pleased to sign the bill. Click here to see comments from the article entitled “Wake-Up Call for Working Parents.” Click here to view comments by other nannies on my opinion that the new legislation is not enforceable unless a complaint is made, yet is a step in the right direction.

The New York State Legislature passed the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, making New York the first state in the nation to provide new standards of worker protections for more than 200,000 employees in an industry which has gone unregulated for decades.

Legislators and Governor David Paterson have reached a reconciliation deal that will give nannies six paid holidays including Independence Day. Since this is the Monday after July 4th, today is considered a paid holiday.

Do you already have today off as a paid holiday? What days do you get as paid holidays?


  1. I am a working mother with a nanny. She has today off we have ten paid holidays off in the contract. I applaud this bill and I hope the same type legislation wil be enacted in every state.

  2. I do have the day off. Thanks for asking. I still get up too early from habit. I think all my nanny friends also have day off but didn't ask them so I'm not sure. Live ins are invited to go with the family to hamptons but don't always choose to. Whenever the parents have off I do and I get paid. But in jobs before this one I didn't think to negotiate the days off. I used your negotiation chart from newsletter when interviewing for this job and the parents listed even more than you had on your sheet.

  3. Many DC area employers, because of working for the government have today off paid. Also they have the Federal Holidays off too. Thus many nannies will off, and commonly it is paid.There was even a big discussion on regarding part time people with parents calling other parents cheap for not paying their nannies to have the day off if they did them.Others felt they didn't get paid off, or had to work themselves (medical, law enforcement, etc), some were willing to do time and a half.

  4. Hi,I have the day off! I didn't have it my agreement but the parents had the day so I got the day. @Tobago Nanny can you post a link to that chart you are talking about because I would love to add it to my Portfolio or you can email me it Thanks!!! @Working Mom I really enjoyed seeing your positive response to the new Nanny Law because I have read many things on the net that some parents are against it. I agree this law needs to be Statewide.

  5. CareerNanny97, the negotiation chart tobagonanny refers to has been published in Be the Best Nanny Newsletter. I can send you that issue since I am the only one that has copyright permission to distribute the issue. I'm glad tobagonanny found it helpful. I've used it too! I find it difficult to discuss money and benefits (negotiate) so a labor union leader helped me create the chart. You just pull it out when it's time to discuss salary and benefits of the job during the interview and go through the list. Also, if you type "negotiation" in our blog search engine you will find some articles by Lora Brawley on the topic of negotiating. Thanks! Happy Holiday!

  6. I get the 6 days they list in the bill off which are New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas. But I also get day after Thanksgivig off, Christmas eve and week after Christmas off, President's Day off and any time the family goes on vacation which is nearly 8 weeks each year. They pay me no matter what and one of the best perks of being a nanny is all the families I have worked form give me a lot of paid time off.

  7. Before I became a nanny and worked in offices and as a server I never got the day off so I do not ever work July 4th anymore! I love having holidays off and no overtime will replace having the day off. So yes I have always had many paid holidays off when working as a nanny and not in other jobs I had.

  8. If the parents are off with pay, then the nanny should be off with pay or offered "Holiday Pay" for the day worked.

  9. I am a live in and go to the beach on weekends and holidays. Although I am off on holidays I still travel with the family and end up working a little. It's not like they can feed me and I not help out even when off. Family members help one another and so I help with dishes and play with kids even on my days off. They still pay me and my salary doesn't change.

  10. Nannies should get all benefits and be paid highly. If I was paying somebody to watch my child I would make darn sure that they were protected and happy instead of being cheap. Why would parents want to create resentful caregivers who might take out that anger on the kids?

  11. In my contract I have 10 paid holidays and 2 weeks paid vacation. But, I always get more paid vacation days since whenever they travel I have paid days off.Reyna H NY NY

  12. I never work national holidays. I love having paid time off. My parent employers never reduce my pay for time off. I do know one nanny that doesn't get hoidays off and she complains about it. If parents have the money (driving BMWs, shore houses, big house, etc.) I don't think it's worth the resentment they create by being cheap. Parents should know nannies gossip and that nanny I am speaking of knows she's the only full time nanny in town not get paid holidays and boy is she bitter.

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