Crumb Cap Bib

Product Review Sunday Do you care for a child that squishes food in their hair at mealtime? The Crumb Cap was created by a mom of three, out of necessity, to prevent her toddler from squishing food in her hair during meals. It eased the stress and mess of mealtime and will surely help with […]

Ball in a Funnel: Indoor Science Fun

Creating Low Atmospheric Pressure   Here is an easy indoor science project to do with the kids. What will happen when you blow a ball in a funnel? No matter hard you blow the ball, the ball will remain inside the funnel. Logic suggests that the ball will hover or fly out of the funnel. But […]

Lace a Mitten Filled with Animals and Read “The Mitten” by Jan Brett

Creative Children’s Book Project There are few books as loved by kids as The Mitten by Jan Brett. Winter is a great time to read this beloved children’s book and do this cute craft with the kids in your care. As you read the book the kids will love when a Ukaranian boy named Nikki loses […]

Penguin Fun: Crafts and Books

Trip to the Library What child doesn’t like penguins? And now that’s it is cold outside we are reading and doing more indoor crafts. So, this week I borrowed books from the library about penguins and we made some penguins from different shapes cut out from colored construction paper. Read the books to the kids […]