Ball in a Funnel: Indoor Science Fun

Creating Low Atmospheric Pressure


Here is an easy indoor science project to do with the kids. What will happen when you blow a ball in a funnel? No matter hard you blow the ball, the ball will remain inside the funnel. Logic suggests that the ball will hover or fly out of the funnel. But the ball remains “stuck” inside the funnel.

When you blow into the funnel, the air hits the bottom of the ball at a high speed and disperses in all directions. This creates a situation where there is less air under the ball then in the rest of the room. This is called low atmospheric pressure. The air in the room evens out the air pressure in the entire room, even under the ball, causing the ball to stay in place.

The harder you blow, the lower the atmospheric pressure becomes, which causes even more air to flow in to fill the space. Here’s what to do:

You Will Need:

A Styrofoam Ball or Ping Pong Ball
A 1.5 Liter Plastic Bottle

What to Do:

1. Cut off the bottom of the bottle so that only the top remains to make a funnel.
2. Place the ball inside the funnel.
3. Aim the funnel up and blow into it. Try making the ball move high into the air. Try blowing it gently. No matter how hard you blow, the ball will stay inside the funnel due to atmospheric pressure.

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