Teaching Children to Help

“After the verb “To Love,’ ‘To Help’ is the most beautiful verb in the world,” says Bertha Von Suttner. We have been discussing teaching children to respect their material possessions. A great way to teach children to value money and their possessions is to give children chores and an allowance to earn for doing chores. […]

Teaching Children an Attitude of Gratitiude

Grateful Not Greedy by Brenda NixonJust because greed is to be expected, it’s not to be accepted. Yesterday we discussed teaching children to respect material possessions. To continue the discussion we refer to “The Birth to Five Book,” by Brenda Nixon. Part of her essay, “Grateful Not Greedy” is posted below. Kids are naturally self-seeking. […]

Teaching Children to Respect Material Posessions

Kids’ Demands for Material Possessions Marilyn C., a nanny working in New Hope, PA says, “The child I care for simply has no respect for her valuable possessions because any material possessions she wants [are] given to her. The child has learned that if she asks often enough, she will always receive.” The nanny continues, […]

Knowing What to Expect, When Teaching Respect

Age-Appropriate Respect As we begin our discussion of teaching children to respect themselves and others it is important for you to know that age and stage of development a child is in affects their ability to respect, empathize, appreciate, and tolerate diversity. We found this description in a great book Playwise By Denise Chapman Weston […]

Teaching Chidlren Respect

Teaching children to respect themselves and others is one of a nanny’s most important responsibilities. Respect defines everything we do in life. When we control ourselves and use good table manners we show respect towards others. We say “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me” to show we appreciate others. We treat children kindly and with […]

Children’s Books about the Seashore

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs The past week we discussed activities to do with children at the shore. It is a good idea to visit the library with children every week. Here are some children’s book suggestions on the topic. By the SeashoreBy Maurice Pledger, Illustrator A.J. WoodAges Infant to […]

Having Fun with Kids in Tides and with Seaweed

More Fun for Au Pairs and Nannies to Have with Kids at the Beach This week we have been discussing going to the beach with children. Below are more fun activities to do at the beach with children. The following ideas about ocean tides and seaweed are from the Kids’ Nature Book by Susan Milford. […]

Fun With Sand

Activites for Nannies and Au Pairs to do with Children at the Beach Most children are content to play in the sand at the beach. All they need is a shovel, bucket, and their imagination to make tunnels and castles in the sand. Here are some more activities to do with sand with children: Swinging […]

Nanny Jobs Requiring College Degrees

Yesterday SunSentinel.com posted this under “Moms & Dads Parents Share Their Stories & Advice.” We would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Here is the post: Nanny positions requiring college degreesIt’s tough out there for job hunters. It’s getting even harder for those looking for nanny work. I’ve noticed more and more job […]

Beach Crafts for Kids

Seashell Crafts for Nannies and Au Pairs Yesterday we discussed how to protect children at the beach. Today we share seashell crafts for nannies and au pairs to do with kids. These crafts will also become keepsake memories of the trip to the beach. If you aren’t visiting the beach you can still purchase inexpensive […]