Paper Woven Placemats

Thanksgiving Project Thanksgiving is celebrated tomorrow in the United States. Families celebrate the holiday around a hearty meal. Therefore, weaving placemats to serve the holiday dinner on makes a perfect Thanksgiving craft. You Will Need: Construction Paper (we chose brown, orange, and yellow). Ruler Marker Safety Scissor Tape or Paste Clear Contact Paper What to […]

Pumpkin Roll Cake

Cooking for Kids Autumn is definitely pumpkin season. Pumpkin roll cake is a thin cake that is rolled up with a yummy cream cheese filling inside. I found this recipe that makes a great treat for Thanksgiving or Christmas in a family recipe book but possibly came from a McCormick spice recipe originally. It’s not […]

Layered Water: Science Fun

Creative Project Wednesday Density is a measure of how tightly stuff is packed together. In this project the liquids that weigh more (have a higher density) will sink below the liquids that weigh less (have a lower density). Lighter liquids like water or rubbing alcohol are less dense or have less “stuff” packed into them. […]

Thanksgiving Day Parade Book and Activities

Balloons Over Broadway The kids I care for are going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on Thanksgiving morning so I borrowed “Balloons over Broadway” by Melissa Sweet from the library to prepare them for the fun and festivities. But if your charges aren’t goingto the parade they will still love watching the parade on television […]

Green Bean Casserole

 Cooking for Kids There are just a few traditional dishes that always remind people of the holidays and a French-fried onion green bean casserole is one of them. The family I cook for doesn’t really like onions so I simply deleted the onions. Kids don’t notice mushrooms in the soup. This casserole is easy and […]

Tin Foil Sculptures and Jewelry

Creative Projects If you care for school-aged kids, keep them busy by making inexpensive tin foil sculptures. We made a game out of this project by trying to make sculptures and jewelry without using any tape or glue. The aluminum foil is easy to scupt with a little practice. What You Need: Tin Foil Scissors What to Do: […]

Caring for Parents of Newborns

Respecting Professional Boundaries Nannies are typically excited to start caring for newborns immediately when they arrive home from the hospital. But often our role changes to caring more for the parents while parents of newborns are on maternity or parental leave. Instead of providing just childcare while parents are home with a newborn, nannies can help the […]