Paper Woven Placemats

aaaThanksgiving Project

Thanksgiving is celebrated tomorrow in the United States. Families celebrate the holiday around a hearty meal. Therefore, weaving placemats to serve the holiday dinner on makes a perfect Thanksgiving craft.

You Will Need:bbb

Construction Paper (we chose brown, orange, and yellow).
Safety Scissor
Tape or Paste
Clear Contact Paper

What to Do:ccc

1. Fold brown construction paper in half. Using a ruler the nanny should draw five equally spaced lines on the folded side of the paper. Each line should stop at least an inch from the end of the paper. Allow the kids to cut the lines making sure they know not to cut past the drawn line.

2. Cut one-inch wide strips of construction paper. Cut 9 or 10 strips that are 8.5 inches in length using a ruler. We cut both orange and yellow colored strips.

3. Help the children weave the strips under and over the brown paper, alternating yellow and orange strips. Secure each strip with tape or paste between weaving each strip. They may not need to use all 10 paper strips.

4. Unroll a piece of contact paper on the table and place the placemat on it. Flip and cover the other side of placemat with contact paper. Then trim the sides to make the sides even.

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