Caring for Parents of Newborns

Respecting Professional Boundaries

Nannies are typically excited to start caring for newborns immediately when they arrive home from the hospital. But often our role changes to caring more for the parents while parents of newborns are on maternity or parental leave. Instead of providing just childcare while parents are home with a newborn, nannies can help the parents around the home, run errands, and give the parents some space for a few weeks while they bond with their newborn.

Here are some ways to support the parents of newborns:

Give them Space: Newborns spend most of their time feeding and sleeping. The parents will be exhausted from feeding the infant 24/7 and will need private time to feed and nap. Allow them time to bond and nurture their baby.

Care for Siblings: Keep the other kids on as normal a schedule as possible. Get them out of the house and have fun. Give siblings plenty of attention they will crave from tired parents of the newborn.

Help them Clean: Help clean baby bottles, do extra laundry, and keep the house tidy.

Cook: The family needs to be nourished and the parents won’t have the energy to prepare healthy meals. You will be priceless to them if you can go the extra mile and provide them with a few healthy meals.

Run Errands: The family will undoubtedly run out of supplies. Be willing to go out and pick up items the family may need.

Just Ask: If you find you have nothing to do while parents are caring for their newborn just ask the parents how you can help. It’s better to be busy than bored.

Nannies not only care for children but support the parents. Remember infants grow fast and their needs change quickly. Help stressed out parents of newborns by doing whatever is needed for just a few weeks as they bond with their new family member.

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