Easy Beef and Barley Soup

Cooking for Kids Quick-cooking barley and sirloin help get this beef and barley soup on the table in a snap—and it doubles easily. If leftovers get too thick in the fridge, add a little broth when you reheat it. Here’s how to make this easy beef and barley soup from eatingwell.com. You Will Need: 8 […]

Paper Airplanes

Boredom Buster It only takes about one-minute to make make a paper airplane and it’s a great way to give bored kids something to do. Making paper airplanes teaches kids attention to detail, since the more expertly they fold the paper, the better it flies. Here’s a super simple way to make a quick paper […]

Do Your Thoughts Help or Hinder You?

Changing the Way You Talk to Yourself Will Help you Succeed at Work The way you look at a situation dramatically affects your attitude. Have you ever stopped to listen to the way you talk to yourself? While working, have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t get paid for this kind of abuse!”? How […]

Novels Both Boys and Girls Love

photo from dreamstime.com Weekly Trip to the Library I make a very conscious effort to allow the kids in my care to play with any toy they want to and to avoid creating strict gender roles. I want the girls to be independent and strong and encourage them to play sports. I want to encourage […]

Spinach Steak Pinwheels

Cooking for Kids With the exception of very spicy foods, when I feed the kids I care for the same food that I make for their parents I have found that they have surprisingly sophisticated palates. Instead of offering the kids a separate meal of frozen, processed chicken nuggets and fries try serving them the […]

Sweet, Sour, and Crunchy Chicken Drumsticks

Cooking for Kids The little ones I cook dinner for love chicken drumsticks. I marinated these drumsticks in the sweet and sour sauce for a few hours then rolled them in the breadcrumbs and started baking them 45-minutes before dinner was served. Serving mashed potatoes and steamed green beans with the drumsticks make a complete […]

Should Kids Be Allowed to Use their Smartphones When Doing Homework?

MSN’s Best Homework Apps for Kids Kids have access to technology today unlike anything I had when I was in school. Not only do they have access to the Internet, every charge over 7-years-old that I care for has a smartphone. I don’t think students should be allowed to rely on technology to help them figure […]

Paper Bag Puppets

Creative Projects to Do With Kids Every pre-school and early elementary school-aged child I have ever cared for loves puppets. Making simple paper bag puppets allows kids to practice coloring, cutting, and pasting. I like cutting out shapes from colored construction paper for young kids to make animals, princesses, and princes but it’s even easier […]