Helping Kids Learn the Alphabet

Arts n’ Crafts for the Letter “A” You can help children learn the the letters of the alphabet by reinforcing letters with fun activities. Here are some letter “A” activities shared by Chris Yates of Thumbprint Ants – Draw an ant hill with a marker on a plain sheet of construction paper. Use a black […]

Do You Have Tips to Help Kids Get Up in the Morning?

Are Your Charges Moody in the Morning? Getting ready for school is stressful enough, but when greeted with whiny children that complain each morning it makes caring nannies and au pairs want to pull their hair out. Some kids just can’t get up in the morning. Some don’t function well when they first wake up. Some are tired […]

Make and Freeze School Sandwiches in Advance

How Do You Help Kids Get Ready the Evening Before School? If school hasn’t started yet for your school-aged charges it will this week or immediately after Labor Day. Last week we recommended getting ready for school the evening before. In FamilyFun Magazine a mother suggests that a great way to get a head start […]

Four Million Americans Lose Power from Hurricane Irene

Best Emergency Radio, Flashlight, and Cell Phone Chargers Here on the East Coast of the United States we were just slammed by Hurricane Irene, leaving four-million homes without power. The American Red Cross recommends everyone have an emergency radio. They feel so strongly about it that they have created their own line of radios with the Eton […]

What Do You for Fun With Kids When the Power Goes Out?

How to Have Fun with Kids When the Power Goes Out Show kids how to make shadow puppets using flashlights. Play board games. Play musical instruments. Read a book by candle light or kerosene lantern. Sing songs – little kids love this activity. Come up with funny songs you sang as a kid and teach […]

Having Age-Appropriate Discussions About Hurricanes

Children’s Books About Hurricanes! As the east coast of the United States prepares for a hurricane this weekend it’s important to have age-appropriate discussions about hurricanes with children to help relieve some of their anxiety. We recommend including the following age-appropriate children’s books about hurricanes to help children understand the storms. We have included both […]

Creating a Homework Contract

What Are Your Best Tips to Help Kids With Their Homework? One of a nanny’s or au pair’s most important role with school-aged children is being a homework helper. The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) studies show that families that hire great child care providers are in a stronger position to have children that are successful in […]

How Nannies Can Help Kids Develop a Homework and School Routine

Nannies and Au Pairs as Homework Helpers Evening Before School: The daily school routine should begin the evening before children go to school. In the evening nannies and children should gather all school supplies and completed homework needed for the next day. Backpacks should be packed, school lunches and snacks should be made and stored […]

Nannies Do You Know How to Report Child Abuse?

Do You Remember the Mother Who Used Hot Sauce to Discipline Her Child on Dr. Phil? She’s Been Convicted of Child Abuse! Click here to see article. If suspect child abuse each state has different reporting agencies. The International Nanny Association has listed those agencies by state as well as the phone number. If your state […]

Domestics Rally In Support of Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in CA

Right now, there are hundreds of supporters in the CA state capital lobbying in support of AB889 the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. The CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights is currently in the Senate Appropriations Committee suspense file meaning that it is at risk of dying. Deadline to get this out of Appropriations is 8/25. If […]