Nanny Confessions: Sleep Training Helps Us a Lot!

What is Your Favorite Sleep Training Method? I’ve talked to a lot of parents over the years who love every part of parenting except sleep training. These days sleep training has become controversial with dozens of methods ranging from gentle to strict styles. Some cry-it-out methods, that may have been popular in the past, aren’t considered good for child development […]

Routines are Essential to Building Attachments Between Nannies and Children

Attachment: An Important Part of Your Nanny Job Children thrive in predictable environments, where mealtimes, nap times, separating from their parents, and toileting are dealt with consistently. Daily routines include greeting children in the morning, how the parents leave for work in the morning, how you serve their breakfast, how the kids get dressed, to doing homework, […]

How Nannies Can Help Kids Develop a Homework and School Routine

Nannies and Au Pairs as Homework Helpers Evening Before School: The daily school routine should begin the evening before children go to school. In the evening nannies and children should gather all school supplies and completed homework needed for the next day. Backpacks should be packed, school lunches and snacks should be made and stored […]

Do You Have to Wake the Kids Up in the Morning?

Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock and Nightlight by American Innovative This week we discussed helping kids with homework and changing moody mornings for kids into happy mornings. Here’s a great way to teach kids to tell time and wake them up in the morning. Teach Me Time! is an adorable child’s bedside alarm clock, […]

Homework Ground Rules for Nannies and Au Pairs

Rules and Routines Make Children Feel Safe By Angela Norton Tyler, author of Tutor Your Child to Reading Success Children like knowing what is expected of them and what is going to happen next. They also like knowing that they can count on the adults in their lives to lovingly enforce those rules and stick […]

Setting a Homework Routine

Routines Help Kids Succeed If your school-aged charges haven’t started school yet, they will tomorrow. In the September 2010 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter we discuss how nannies and au pairs act as tutors helping children with homework and school work. We discussed multiple intelligences and how each person has a different learning style. This […]