How Nannies Can Help Kids Develop a Homework and School Routine

Nannies and Au Pairs as Homework Helpers

Evening Before School: The daily school routine should begin the evening before children go to school. In the evening nannies and children should gather all school supplies and completed homework needed for the next day. Backpacks should be packed, school lunches and snacks should be made and stored in the refrigerator, and clothing should be picked out for the next day of school. Having these tasks completed before going to bed helps the children get ready for school in the morning.

In the morning nannies should provide children with a healthy breakfast. Once dressed and fed nannies and students should check one last time to ensure that children have their lunches and snacks in their backpacks and that they have all schoolwork and materials needed for that day in school.

After school nannies need to help children develop a daily routine. Start the homework routine by taking a few minutes to talk about the children’s day or chat over a snack. Remember, children have been in school for six or more hours before sitting down to do homework. A moment to decompress, collect thoughts, and relax the body and mind will result in a more successful study time. It is best to have children complete their homework before going to other activities or playdates. Extra curricular activities may require children to complete homework after activities or dinner.

Do you have any tips on getting kids on a good school routine?


  1. This is a huge struggle because I feel all the schedule and homework and getting ready for school falls completely on me. I need the parents support. I understand they are tired after work, but I've got my hands very full too. I tell the kids what to do like to put their homework in their folder, then folder in backpack and put lunchbox in backpack and they always forget. The kids get distracted and never follow through. I end up doing everything. It's exhausting and frustrating.

  2. I feel the same way "don't want to share name." We take on a lot. I love helping kids with school work when I can but it's really hard. I like trying to get ready night before but that's really hard too because I'm making dinner and giving baths and cleaning up playroom too.

  3. I am having the most difficult time with my charges and I honestly don't know what to do. Your tips are good if you have good kids. I work with unmotivated kids. I feel like I am a nanny first and it is simply my job with homework to try to explain and enforce concepts and get them to do their homework. But they lack motivation to do well. I hate being the mean one, the boss they hate who forces them to do homework. The parents don't deal with my issues because they are at work. I feel like I'm failing when it's their homework and school work, not mine.(leaving out name for privacy of family)

  4. oh boy anonymous above you need to talk to the parents.

  5. Many years ago when I was younger I was taking a lot for the parents, the teachers told me to stop and let the chips fall. A hard thing to do when these are your bosses. I did get to a point where I did give polite ultmatiums to my bosses saying look no it's not my job to be the only one or bad guy we need to come up with consequences if you want them to school, the bus stop, etc. on time. I am not going be dragging them out of bed daily (put them to bed). I said I will help with homework but you double check it all when possible. (I do cut my bosses some slack to if I know there is a lot going on with their jobs.)If the parents want the homework done on my watch and then kids are slacking or giving me lip I have a deal with the parents and they stick it about eliminating computers, TVs, Ipods, etc.Luckily I am in a great situation now, and no it always wasn't. But I do know that if homework suffers and they feel like the dumb one this can impact behavior. Good grades put them in better moods, etc.I had all school agers in a former job and I had a mouthy 8 year old. I removed the cable from her computer. 🙂 She got all hyper saying give it back, and I said do you homework, or I give it to your dad with the explanation of why I took it. Then I asked if she wanted that…homework got done. :)With those kids and my current ones there are checklists that they eventually learn by rote on what needs to be done.All of this stuff isn't easy and fun, you just have to stay consistent.

  6. I agree, that ultimately it is the children's problem and the parents' responsibility to help their children. They are lucky to have us do our best to help the kids suceede in school. We can only do so much. If the parents don't help keep to a routine, schedule, homework and imporance of school then our hands are tied as nannies.

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  8. Nanny care gives parents more organize over their childs care surroundings than any other child care alternative. Nannies will be willing to do anything concerning your children, including cleaning their rooms, laundry work, teach discipline and manner and caring if they are sick or upset. Thanks a lot.

  9. Excellent suggestions and tips. It's not often easy to get your child to do their homework. Up and useful.

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