Inspiring Learning Thru Everyday Activities

Supporting Success in School at Home Success in school requires support at home. As nannies we have a unique opportunity to teach children in important ways that cannot be taught in school. It is up to us to make learning experiences in everyday activities. We can even help children too young for school to develop […]

Make and Freeze School Sandwiches in Advance

How Do You Help Kids Get Ready the Evening Before School? If school hasn’t started yet for your school-aged charges it will this week or immediately after Labor Day. Last week we recommended getting ready for school the evening before. In FamilyFun Magazine a mother suggests that a great way to get a head start […]

How Nannies Can Help Kids Develop a Homework and School Routine

Nannies and Au Pairs as Homework Helpers Evening Before School: The daily school routine should begin the evening before children go to school. In the evening nannies and children should gather all school supplies and completed homework needed for the next day. Backpacks should be packed, school lunches and snacks should be made and stored […]

Children’s Books About the First Day of School

Weekly Trip to the Library Reading children’s books about going to Preschool, Kindergarten, or First Grade is a great introduction to school and to help reduce separation anxiety for kids. Also, since all kids like to play school we recommend playing Kiddie College to help prepare children for school. Children learn through play and playing school with […]

Do You Have a Hard Time Getting Kids to Follow Directions?

How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Help Children Follow-Through This week Maria Lopez, a nanny and former second grade teacher, has agreed to answer questions nannies have about helping children do well in school. Reyna Horowitz, a nanny in New York asked Be the Best Nanny Newsletter what she can do to help her young […]

Helping Children Listen Better in School

How Nannies and Au Pairs Help Kids Thrive in School Be the Best Nanny Newsletter has received several questions from au pairs and nannies about helping their charges with homework and behavior issues at school. To help answer in-home child care provider questions, Maria Lopez, a former second grade teacher and nanny working in Miami, […]

Do your charges have a tutor or go to a learning center for extra help?

CBS Discusses What Study Habits to Leave Behind Myth One: Study in One SpotThe brain makes associations between what is studying and the background sensations that are occurring. Forcing the brain to make multiple associations with the same material, may provide the support needed to improve recall.Myth Two: Focus on One SkillParticipating in multi-modal learning […]

Teacher Says: Book Review

Review of Teacher Says: 30 Foolproof Ways to Help Kids Thrive in School by Evelyn Porreca Vuko Popular Washington Post education columnist and veteran educator Evelyn Vuko shares the inside scoop to ensure children get the best education possible. Drawing on her experience in the classroom-as well as input from authorities ranging from creative writing experts […]

School District Adds Muslim, Hindu Holidays to School Year

What do you think about the additional religious school holidays? On the first day of Ramadan we posted an article by a Christian nanny working for a Muslim family. Please click here to read that article. Some of the comments left after posting the article discussed the controversy over a mosque proposed to be built […]

How Do You Help Kids with Homework?

The Important Role Nannies and Au Pairs Play in Helping Children with School Work School has already started for a few kids in the nation and is about to start for others. Nannies and au pairs are crucial in helping children do school work. Studies by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) show that the […]