Inspiring Learning Thru Everyday Activities

Supporting Success in School at Home Success in school requires support at home. As nannies we have a unique opportunity to teach children in important ways that cannot be taught in school. It is up to us to make learning experiences in everyday activities. We can even help children too young for school to develop […]

Beat the Clock: Helping Kids be Responsible

Teaching Delayed Gratification Doing homework often requires the mature concept of delayed gratification. We all hate some of our responsibilities, but we still need to do them. That’s why Dorothy Rich of Megaskills: Building Our Children’s Character and Achievement for School and Life recommends setting a time limit on how much time kids will spend on […]

The Method and Discipline to Motivate Children

Last week we quoted Dorothy Rich, author of MegaSkills©: Building Our Children’s Character and Achievement for School and Life about motivating children to succeed in school and beyond. Today we list some activities the author suggests using to teach children about time and to help them listen better. The author explains that before children do things, […]

The First Step is the Hardest

How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Motivate Children to Try Something New To continue the discussion of motivating children, Dorothy Rich, author of MegaSkills says that taking a first step, the first time doing something is the hardest. She says, “There is a method and discipline in motivation that can be built from tiny, beginning […]

Beyond Nagging

What Nannies and Au Pairs Can Do Instead of Nagging Today we continue the discussion about motivating children to be successful at school and in life. Dorothy Rich, the author of MegaSkills asks, “How do we get people to do things?” She continues, “Sports people say they do it with inspiration of heroes to be […]

Coaching Motivation

Dorothy Rich, author of Megaskills shares activities that help children gain the sense of discipline it takes to stay motivated, to work against discouragement, and to face competition and challenge. Below are her activities from her book Megaskills to coach motivation and beat boredom. These activities will help children (and adults) see the world with […]

Motivating Children for Nannies and Au Pairs

Dorothy Rich, the author of MegaSkills says, “Children are born motivated, not bored. They come out into the world eager, reaching, looking, touching — and that’s what we want them to keep on doing.” She continues, “Just outside our front door is a world of experiences waiting to delight even the child who complains bitterly, […]

MegaSkills for Babies, Toddlers, and Beyond

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs Book Review of MegaSkills for Babies, Toddlers, and BeyondBy Dorothy Rich and Beverly Mattox MegaSkills are the attitudes, the behaviors, the habits that determine achievement in school and beyond. The work of the MegaSkills is to build success for children, parents, and teachers (nannies and […]