Nanny Support Group Directory

NATIONWIDE: International Nanny Association (INA) Co-Presidents: Wendy Sachs and Susan Tokayer Website: National Association for Nanny Care (NANC) Contact: Lora Brawley and Sue Downey Website: Email: Niñeras en Español Contact: Jany Lauren Email: Professional Nanny Association (PNA) Contact: Jennie Krogulski, Caryn Haase, Tara Lindsay Website: Email: CALIFORNIA: Bay Area […]

Robert’s Rules of Order

Weekly Trip to the LibraryBy Henry Martyn Robert & William J. Evans Since we have been discussing nanny support groups this week it only fitting to recommend that nannies reference Robert’s Rules of Order when planning nanny support group meetings. This is a concise and user-friendly guide to the essentials for conducting a meeting by […]

Types of Meetings for Nanny Support Groups

This week we have been discussing nanny support groups. Here are some ideas for nanny support group activities and meetings. Nanny Night Out:A monthly nanny night out should meet at the same night (for example, the third Thursday) of every month. Holiday Party:Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and any other holidays can […]

How to Create Officers for a Nanny Support Group

Photo of members of the Association of DC Area Nannies attending Nannypalooza educational conference. This week we are discussing nanny support groups as educational and social forms of support for nannies. Once you and a few other core nannies have started a nanny support group and other caregivers start joining the group it is recommended […]

Creating Nanny Support Group Bylaws and Guidelines

Dealing with Nanny Support Group Behavior, Gossip, and Complaints Photo of educational activity of learning CPR & First Aid with Nanny Alliance of New York and New Jersey When forming a nanny support group it is important to help encourage members of the group to behave in a professional manner. To do that, create guidelines […]

Four Types of Nanny Support Groups

Social, educational, playgroups, and online groups. Photo of Nanny Alliance of New York and New Jersey horseback riding. Joyce Farmer is a nanny and previous board member of National Association of Nannies (NAN). In an article that was formerly posted on the NAN website Ms. Farmer described the three basic nanny support groups as: social, […]

What You Should Do if the Child You Care for is a Victim of Prejudice

Coping with Prejudice by Making Diversity a Part of LifeBy Alvin Poussaint, M.D. and Susan Linn, Ed.D. Children don’t come pre-equipped with reactions to each new experience in their lives. When children are hurt by racial or ethnic cruelty, it is hard to restrain an immediate emotional response. It’s important, however, to try to comfort […]

Black History Month: Reducing Stereotypes

Playing with Gender Roles We have been discussing how to help children to resist biases and prejudice. You also can help build resistance to bias by encouraging your charge to engage in activities that go beyond or go against traditional sex-role stereotyping. Sex-role stereotyping often begins with the purchase of toys for toddlers. When you […]

Talking to Children About Stereotypes

More Topics for Nannies and Au Pairs During Black History Month Seeking Out Differences Since February is Black History Month there is no better time to help teach children to accept others’ differences and reject racist or biased stereotypes. Start by trying to expose children to a variety of influences in their community. Get to […]

Black History Month

Never Allow Teasing or Insults Rather than discussing civil rights and famous African Americans which children will be learning in school for Black History Month, we would like to honor Black History Month as a time for nannies and au pairs to teach children to resist bias and prejudice and embrace differences in others. We […]