Should Boys Be Allowed to Play With Baby Dolls and Dress Up In Heels?

Don’t Overact to Cross-Over Play Last week while I was at a play date with 4-year-old girls and one boy a nanny reacted very negatively towards the boy when he wore a princess costume while all the kids were playing dress up at a girl’s house. I think it’s okay to let boys play with baby dolls and dress up like […]

Would a Manny Be Better Paid Than the Typical Female Nanny?

Would having more men in the occupation make being a nanny a more prestigious and better paying occupation? In our discussions about domestic workers rights many nannies have commented on this blog that nannies and other domestic workers are among the poorest and most mistreated workers in the nation. Historically, there has been a pecking order of […]

Black History Month: Reducing Stereotypes

Playing with Gender Roles We have been discussing how to help children to resist biases and prejudice. You also can help build resistance to bias by encouraging your charge to engage in activities that go beyond or go against traditional sex-role stereotyping. Sex-role stereotyping often begins with the purchase of toys for toddlers. When you […]