Review of Ring Sling Baby Carriers

What Is Your Favorite Baby Sling? photo credit from Last Wednesday we linked to articles that show the benefits of baby wearing. Then we discussed some dangers when using baby slings with children under four-months-old. Yesterday we mentioned that some of our favorite baby slings are ones with pouches. Today we review our favorite […]

Review of Pouch Baby Slings

Baby Slings are typically one shouldered carriers. These types of baby slings are great for newborns as well as toddlers. Little babies are most easily carried in a cradle (laying down) position, older children on the hip. This type of baby sling can be used on the back with older children for short periods.The downside […]

Babywearing by Maria Blois

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs This week we asked nannies if the would be willing to carry babies for the majority of their work day if the parents requested it. Then we discussed the dangers of using baby slings with infants under four-months old? To continue the discussion we highly […]

Are Your Charge’s Over Scheduled? Take Our Survey!

What Activities Are Your Charges Engaged In? Do your charges have cell phones, Facebook accounts, and allowed to play freely on the computer? Do they have enough play dates and leisure play time, or do you feel they are over scheduled? Let us know by taking the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter survey. The results […]

Have You Used a Baby Sling While Working?

Caution Using Baby Slings When Baby Wearing Yesterday we asked if nannies would be willing to work for parents that follow the attachment parenting method that would require the caregiver to carry the baby with them while working. There are many benefits of carrying babies which we will discuss over the next few days on […]

Nannies and Baby Wearing

Can a Nanny Easily Work for Parents that Require Baby Wearing? Can a nanny easily work for parents that follow the attachment parenting philosophy if s/he does not agree with the same philosophy? Would you be able to carry a baby most of the day (baby wearing) if that were the wish of the parents? […]

How to Pick Out Books Kids Like

What Children Like in Books Be the Best Nanny Newsletter has been encouraging nannies and au pairs to read daily to their charges. Here is a simple guide from Reach Out and Read on what kinds of books are most suitable for children of different age groups. INFANTS (6-12 MONTHS) LIKE Board books with photos […]

Do You Have President’s Day Off as a Paid Holiday?

The Story of the Cherry Tree and Cherry Thumbprint CookiesPresident’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February to honor two of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Today is a great day to remind children of the story of George Washington and the cherry tree. After telling children the story be […]

Nannies Favorite Diaper Rash Creams

Best Diaper Rash Creams for Kids with Eczema We recently reviewed our favorite products to use with children with eczema. During the series, 64 nannies and au pairs emailed Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asking what diaper creams are best to use on infants with eczema and diaper rash? First we need to look at […]

Children’s Books for President’s Day

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs Monday February 21, 2011 is President’s Day in America. Books can help children of all ages better understand the President’s role in our country. Here are two of our favorite. If I Were President by Catherine Stier and Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan This charming picture book gives […]